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8 Kid-Approved Products To Help Your Family Avoid The Mid-Season Slump


Let's be real: This year our little ones are counting on us parents and caretakers more than ever before. They're always (and I do mean always) looking to us for positivity. Even on the days when it feels like our supply of good vibes is fresh out, it's up to us to deliver.

If those good vibes are feeling more difficult to come by now that a new school year is upon us, know that you're not alone. Sure, the change of season symbolizes lots of good things (pumpkin spice! Brisk sweater weather!), but it's also the time of year when we're all dealing with shorter days, longer to-do lists, and a long stretch of school and work before the holiday season.

Since it’s more important than ever to keep ourselves and our kids motivated, I rounded up a list of kid-approved, season-appropriate products to keep that mid-season slump at bay. From cozy fall hoodies to affordable fun crafts, there are plenty of ideas here to keep your little ones excited and engaged.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Romper's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

1. A Cozy Chic Hoodie

Give her a chance to freshen up her mid-season wardrobe while still keeping things cozy! She'll feel comfortable and confident while getting compliments from friends and classmates alike.

2. Fun Friendship Bracelets

Staying connected to the people who make us feel good is more important than ever. A time-treasured tradition, this kit lets your little one express their creativity and gift their besties with feel-good friendship bracelets for their favorite friends.

3. A Custom School Creation

Spark your kid's excitement with a made-for-them notebook that's designed in their likeness and name — because how cool is that? This is a guaranteed custom crowd-pleaser for kids of all ages.

4. A Bra That's Got Her Back

Who couldn't use a bit of extra support these days? Keep them comfortable and covered in a super soft bra option with stretch straps that's full of stylistic flare.

5. A Day-To-Night Blanket

Since we're all home more than ever, offer them some added comfort with the softest plush blanket out there. And there's no need to dread shorter days when their new favorite blanket glows in the dark!

6. Their Own Little Hideaway

Sometimes are kids are just gonna wanna hide (don't we all?), and this is the perfect spot for that. With an adorable aesthetic that's an alternative to the pillow forts of yore, this product gets bonus points for being big enough to help them secure some "me time" and lightweight enough to carry anywhere they want to go, from the bedroom to the backyard.

7. Stylish Shorts For Staying At Home

There are some definite perks to being stuck at home so much, and being able to wear their comfy new shorts to school is one of the best ones! And that's a good thing, because they'll probably never want to take this silky, ultra-lightweight pair off.

8. A Built-For-Them Lunchbox

Regardless of where they're lunching, they'll be dining in style with a modern Bento-style lunchbox. It will add some brightness to their routine, and keep their favorite lunchtime fare fresh at home or on the go.