Keep Kids Occupied With These 8 Leprechaun Trap Projects

Similar to leaving cookies out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, making a leprechaun trap is a fun holiday tradition to observe with your kids when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around. If you need some leprechaun trap ideas for when your kid's teacher sends your child home with an assignment to create one, or if you are just looking for a fun project to do with your little ones, there are all kinds of effective traps that are sure to lure in an unassuming leprechaun.

Now why would you even want to trap a leprechaun? For the gold, of course. And the process of building a trap is a pretty awesome way to get your kid's imagination flowing. You can let them get as elaborate as they want, and depending on the kind of trap you create, it's an opportunity to highlight some of the STEAM fields — science, technology, engineering, art, and math) — in the building process.

To make a working trap, you'll essentially need some "gold" candy, some sort of rainbow, and a means of trapping the leprechaun (such as a hole for them to fall into or a mechanism to fall onto them). Once you capture your leprechaun (if you do), make sure you release them pretty soon after they tell you where the gold’s at.

The Elaborate, Yet Effective Leprechaun Trap

This leprechaun trap from TheFourC's YouTube Family Fun calls for a cardboard box wrapped in green paper. Then, using lots of "gold bling," a paper cup, popsicle sticks, and pipe cleaners, you can make a scenic trap complete with a rainbow, ladder, and paper cup trap. This is too cute, y'all.

The STEAM Leprechaun Trap

You'll want to put your engineering cap on for this one. The "Lepretrap Ultra" is a pretty amazing leprechaun trap by a student featured on Ash Maindonald's YouTube. She is so kind to include a little window for the leprechaun to look out of after he's been trapped. It appears you'll need a large cardboard box, some string, construction paper, and a stick to recreate this masterpiece.

Double Trouble Leprechaun Trap With Slime

This clever project featured on Crayola's YouTube calls for slime to trap a leprechaun. You'll need a few basic arts and crafts supplies plus a jar of slime and some modeling clay to help keep the box propped up. There's even an easy slime recipe you can follow.

Nature-Inspired Leprechaun Trap

GoldieBox from Hack along with GoldieBox celebrates the "greeniest" holiday ever by making this colorful leprechaun trap. Heads up, it's a little elaborate, but it would be a fun craft to do with the entire family on a rainy Saturday. You can get as over-the-top as you want or stick to a simplified version if you don't have all the materials she calls for. The moss is a nice touch, though.

'How to Catch a Leprechaun'-Inspired Trap

YouTuber According to Abigail shows us how to make a pretty rad leprechaun trap that's inspired by the book, How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton. A tissue box makes the perfect base because it already has a hole cut out in it. The pipe cleaner rainbow, cotton ball clouds, gold coins, and lego ladder takes it a step further to really entice those leprechauns.

Top-Hat Inspired Leprechaun Trap

Kellie from The Suburban Soapbox makes an adorable trap that's in the shape of a leprechaun's hat. So meta, y'all. On her blog post she provides in clear detail all the materials you'll need and how to assemble this festive project. I think the chocolate gold on top is an especially nice touch.

The Leprechaun Trap Made From Things Around The House

The Tube Family on YouTube features one of the kids, Jillian, creating her leprechaun trap for school. Jillian starts her project by coloring a rainbow and then takes items she finds around the house — stickers, cotton balls, and a shoe box — to create a pretty impressive contraption. Her brother, Evan, also makes a trap. His is a simple bank with Lego ramp, which is a pretty smart move

Utilizing Old Toy Containers

Carlay from Carlaylee HD takes her empty LOL Surprise container and uses it for the base of her leprechaun trap. A lot goes into this project, from chocolate gold coins to glitter to crinkle paper, but the result is a colorful garden-like setting that'll draw in any curious leprechaun.