8 Things Lazy Moms Don't Worry About When It Comes To What Other Moms Think

The lazy mom movement is in full effect, and I am so on board. There's no denying that, sometimes, it takes courage to do what you know is best for you, but lazy moms don't worry about what other moms think when it comes to the choices they make. It's difficult, to be sure, because judgement is everywhere. However, the lazy mom knows what's best for her and her kids and, honestly, just doesn't have the time (or energy) to care if other mothers think she's right or wrong. The lazy mom knows that sometimes, it's about surviving a long, hellish day, and not so much about making Pinterest treats for the kids.

I can remember the exact moment I went from being an over-achiever to being "lazy." I was in the middle of my second pregnancy when some serious prenatal depression and anxiety hit me. After months of beating myself up about the increased screen time for my daughter, and the decreased amount of healthy food she was eating, I embraced the laziness for my own sanity. I've never looked back.

In unapologetically admitting my laziness, I've discovered that there are a lot more of us out there than we realize. To me, that says that mothers aren't necessarily being honest enough (and, in turn, supportive enough) with each other. It is so refreshing to hear from the moms I thought were perfect, admitting that their house is currently a mess. It's amazing to know I'm not the only one who can, at times, go several days without a real shower (because we all know baby wipes don't count). The more honest we are with each other, the less pressure we will put on ourselves to be perfect which, you know, is healthier for everyone. So, with that in mind and in the name of giving ourselves some much-deserved slack, here are eight things lazy moms don't worry about, when it comes to what other moms think:

How Their Kid Is Dressed

I see the kids out there with their adorable matching outfits, and then I look at my daughter wearing a black Avengers boys' T-shirt (because they don't make them for girls) with pink leggings. Instead of feeling "guilty" or worried, I think to myself, "My kid is such a badass."

How Tidy Their House Is, Especially During A Playdate

If you bring your kid over for a playdate, chances are pretty high that you'll see some cat hair tumbleweeds or crumbs on the counter. I am far from the perfect housewife, but that's what happens when you work from home.

What They Look Like When They Pick Their Kid Up From Daycare/School

I see moms in the schoolyard who are dressed to the nines. Hey, you do you, mom. I'm just going to continue to wear the same yoga pants (with a semi-regular t-shirt rotation) all year long, basically.

Whether Their Hair Is Brushed

Who has time to brush their own hair? By the time I've untangled my daughter's mess of hair, I don't want to see a brush for the rest of the day. Be thankful if I've managed to brush my teeth before I leave the house. That's a miracle, in and of itself.

The Snacks They Packed For The Kids To Eat At The Park

Judge me all you want for the crackers and unsliced grapes you see me pulling out for my kids. While I completely appreciate the effort you exerted in order to make those energy bites from scratch, I just don't have it in me to put that kind of effort into food anymore.

Whether There Are Food/Vomit/Breast Milk Stains On Their Clothes

It adds character, people. And really, all you need to do if someone points a stain out is pretend you hadn't noticed before.

What An Acceptable Amount Of Screen Time Is

Do you want to know what an acceptable amount of screen time is? It's the amount of time it takes me to unload the dishwasher, re-load it with dirty dishes, and make dinner for everyone. In peace.

Whether They Have Their "Pre-Baby Body" Back Or Not

I am not losing any of my precious sleep to get a "beach body." Do you know what a "beach body" is, to me? A body at a beach. That simple. So, no, this mom will not be waking at 5:30am just to sneak in a workout before the kids wake up. Yes, you can quote me on that.