8 Things You Will Miss About Trying To Conceive After That Phase Is Over

Deciding to have a baby is an amazing feeling. OK, it's also a terrifying and stressful and maddening feeling, but amazing too. The baby-making process is also a pretty not-so-bad gig. At what other point in our lives does sex serve more than recreational purposes? Granted, not everyone conceives their baby using sex, but I did, so that's what I'm going to talk about. When a couple (or a single woman) decides to have a baby a physician often tosses around a lot of ~super scientific~ terms and medical jargon about the process of conception, but trying to conceive is about so much more than science, and it reaches far beyond intimacy (although, definitely enjoy that). It's about starting (or expanding) a family and committing to the beautiful journey that follows. It's about turning the page and starting the next exciting chapter of your lives. It's thrilling and nerve-wracking and nauseatingly euphoric. Also, it's a lot of work.

Whether you're going about it the old fashioned way, via IVF, artificial insemination, or adoption; the creation of your little nugget takes work no matter which route you choose. Yes, the art of conception involves a lot of man hours. I mean, getting it on with your partner is a pretty sweet gig but creating a human is sometimes easier said than done. However, the fruits of your labor will be completely worth the effort put forth.

Enjoy the bedroom bliss while you still can because before you know it sex will be a novelty reserved for nap times once a baby enters the picture, and that will be just one of many things that you will definitely miss about trying to conceive.

The Intoxicating Excitement

Making the decision to bring a baby into the world is incomparable, though some may equate it to the enthusiasm of Black Friday sales and waiting on Amazon Prime packages. (Obviously, a baby is a bigger deal but the excitement is on an entirely uncharted, inexplicable level and some people really love their Amazon Prime.) Few times in your life will anticipation be so joyous as it is when you're trying to conceive. Knowing every day that you could potentially be growing a human inside you is both exciting and invigorating. It's nearly impossible of hard to trump that feeling.

So Many More Date Nights

Sex is arguably the most important factor in the art of some forms of conception, but that doesn't necessarily mean that all romance should be tossed aside while trying to conceive. A little foreplay never hurt anyone (as far as I know; I don't know your life) and a change of scenery outside of the bedroom can make for a refreshing alternative. This is the time to enjoy the one-on-one time with your partner while it's still just the two of you. Pretty soon, it will never be just the two of you again. (Wait, are you sure about this whole baby thing?)

Keeping A Big Secret

What is it about having a secret that ignites such childlike excitement? High school secrets and college gossip can't hold a candle to the dirt you're holding. If ever there was a time when you had the greatest gossip, it's now. That is, if you can keep your big news from your best friend but, I mean, come on, you're only human.

Your Especially-On-Point Connection With Your Partner

Sure, the two of you are probably often entangled in between the sheets but your bond is much deeper than physical once you're trying to conceive. It's a time when you're both spiritually and emotionally in sync with one another, and the thought of creating a person that is equal parts of each of you (and nope, I'm just just talking about genetics) is completely euphoric. A new respect and appreciation for one another is born once the decision to start a family together is made. It awakens feelings for one another that you might have been formerly oblivious to. Few feelings compare to the complete contentment you feel with one another at this time in your lives so savor every perfect second before you're both covered in spit up and poop.

Your Brain And Body Working Together

Getting your body ready for baby beforehand is highly recommended, but what about your emotional and mental health? Petty stress and needless drama have little place in your life once you've decided to conceive. You treat your body like the badass temple that it is; that means not only are you taking care of yourself physically, but mentally as well.

All The Research, Which Is Actually A Lot Of Fun

There's so much to be learned about making a baby: diet, doctors, exercises, calendars — Google is definitely your friend during this time and the internet is your virtual playground. But the subject matter of your research is far more fascinating than the academic humdrum of your searches back in college. Even if having to tediously scour the Internet feels like a chore at the time, there's something so awesome and fulfilling about becoming a master this one topic, and you might find yourself missing it.

The Unstoppable Sense Of Hope And Empowerment.

The creation of new life spawns an indescribable sense of empowerment. It represents a fresh start in its finest form and is accompanied by an unfaltering ray of hope. I remember feeling like my life had a brand new purpose once my husband and I started considering starting a family. I felt like despite the many mistakes of our past, we were given the opportunity to start new, like our slates had been wiped clean and our futures were almost literally brighter. Knowing that you're making the decision to bring a person into the world inevitably causes many to strive to be a better person themselves. That type of mindfulness enables us to grow and evolve into better beings, parents, and inhabitants of this world in general. It's an incredible feeling.

The Sex, Obviously

You thought I had forgotten, perhaps, the biggest aspect (for some couples) in the act of conception, didn't you? Of course not! I just saved the best for last. I think it goes without saying that the (arguably) best part of trying to conceive is the constant need for sex. Your body (hopefully) has never been taken care of more thoroughly, your bond (hopefully) with your partner has never been stronger, and your emotional and mental focus is laser-sharp — all in all, the conditions have never been better to have seriously life-altering sex. The best sex of your life happens when the mind, body, and soul of two individuals meet in a perfect alignment, and all the stress aside, trying to conceive a baby is a time when this tends to happen big time. Enjoy.

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