9 Bra Buying Tips For Large Chested Women

Ever since female mammals developed breasts, there've been concerns as to how to deal with them. Though breasts have become sexualized in modern culture, they're really just a part of your body that, for some, is capable of producing milk at some point. You would think that since breasts are a universal trait in all mammals, it wouldn't be so hard find accomodations ample figures. Yet, plenty of my more well-endowed friends have told me of their countless struggles with finding comfortable ways to support their breasts. They're always on the lookout for bra buying tips for large chested women.

Whether you're looking for something sexy for a special night, a functional fit for athletic endeavours, or you just want to have a couple of comfortable go-to options when you're not really feeling like getting out of bed, it comes in handy to have some bra buying hacks in your skill set. Sure, people say that employees at stores which sell a wide array of undergarments are supposed to be knowledgable in that arena, but you and I both know that's not always the case.

So if you're still fighting with straps that dig in to your shoulders, fabric that isn't doing you any favors, or any other brassiere-related struggles, then check out these top tips for buying bras as a large chested woman.


Get Check-Ups

If you have larger breasts and you're "done growing," so to speak, you might think you will be the same bra size for the rest of your forseeable future. Not so, as Lori Kaplan, a celebrity stylist and co-owner of Bra Tenders in New York City, told Allure. "An average woman's size can change more than six times over her life, which is why you should get professionally fitted every few years," she said. This is especially true for women with larger chests who need adequate support.


Think Smart About Sports

Just because sports bras aren't as fancy or varied as traditional bras doesn't mean you can pick just any old thing for your trip to the gym. Jessica Pfister, a representative for lingerie company Le Mystere, told Today, "having something that really locks your breasts in place and prevents movement is key." You can do a lot of damage to the ligaments in your breasts if they're bouncing uncontrollably during workouts.


Be A Material Girl

Buying bras is more than just looking for your band and cup size. Lauren Schwab and Marissa Vosper, co-founders of Negative Underwear, told Elle, "cup material plays a role in larger bra sizes; it needs to have enough hold and stretch to support more volume and shape variation." Unlined bras also work, so long as you have a powerful fabric (like a power mesh) with good elasticity.


Stoop & Scoop

As it turns out, if you're buying a bra, how you even try it on can affect how it fits. The style experts at BuzzFeed suggested that when bra shopping, place your breasts into the cups while bent over and then stand up and hook the closure. This way you will know if the cups are the correct fit for you.


Check In The Middle

In addition to knowing your measurements, how your bra lays is important factor when bra buying, too. Jenny Altman, fit and style expert for Aerie, told Women's Health, "if the center area between the two cups is floating away or not touching your skin instead of laying flat against you, it’s time to move up a cup size.”


Take A Load Off

A major problem many women have with buying bras is that, no matter how much support they claim to provide, the straps still dig in and cause extreme discomfort. The experts at Refinery29 suggested looking for bras with padded straps or adding your own blister pads to give relief.


Get Customized

Think alterations and custom fits are just for your clothes? Think again. Yael Aflalo, founder and CEO of Reformation, told Glamour, "it's about having a good tailor. Having your pieces fitted to your body is always important, especially if you're busty."


Think Outside The Box (Or Bra)

Having larger breasts doesn't mean unlined bras are a no-go for you. It all comes down to support. Schwab and Vosper told Elle that for large chested women, "unlined bras can work, so long as you have a powerful fabric (like a power mesh) with good elasticity."


Measure Up

Just because you have large breasts doesn't mean your ribcage is necessarily large, too. Kaplan told Allure, "the most common mistake women make is combining a back measurement that is too big with a cup size that is too small." She also noted that, "the band should feel snug and remain around the rib cage as you move around without riding up."