9 Dreams That Predict Pregnancy — It's About To Get Weird

For some women, the first sign of a pregnancy could come to them in a dream. There are some types of dreams that people believe predict pregnancy — if anything, they're at least an indication that you're thinking about it. If this sounds familiar, you're far from alone. Although there may not be a ton of study on the subject, anecdotal evidence suggests women sometimes first learn about their pregnancy while they're asleep. Is this your body simply "telling" you that a conception has taken place? It's impossible to say for certain, but chances are you or someone in your group has had this exact experience.

Many of these dream interpretations rely on symbols. For instance, vessels and vases are common symbols of the womb and fertility, as noted in White Wave Dreams. Having these images pop up in your dreams could point to the possibility that you're expecting (or a desire to take pottery classes. Hey, dreams are weird.) As you might imagine, there is a lot of room for interpretation when it comes to dreams. You'll be the best judge of what different symbols mean to your own life.

Granted, anyone can dream about pregnancy symbols at any time without it meaning much at all. Sometimes dreams are indecipherable and just straight-up weird. Even if you aren't into dream interpretation, however, it's still fun to learn about the symbols and their meanings, because on some special occasions, they can seem to be a little bit prophetic.

1. Fish


In one old wives' tale, dreaming about fish implies a pregnancy is on the way, as noted in Baby Med. Maybe it has something to do with the watery environment of the womb? Whatever the case, a fishy dream might mean a baby is on the way.

2. Snakes


Depending on your feelings about reptiles, this symbol might be pretty unnerving. But dreaming about snakes is sometimes seen as a sign of pregnancy, as noted in Baby Med. If these animals are slithering through your dreams, it may be time for a pregnancy test.

3. Vase


Everyday objects might have deeper meanings in dreams. Seeing a vase in your dream can represent the womb and femininity, as noted in Dream Moods. Maybe this focus on the womb means you have a baby on the way?

4. Eating An Apple


This simple fruit can hold a lot of symbolic meaning. In particular, dreaming about eating an apple may symbolize early pregnancy, as noted in Dream-Meaning. Maybe your desire for conception has come to fruition, in other words.

5. Planting Vegetables


It looks like a lot of pregnancy symbols relate to agriculture and harvests. Dreaming about planting vegetables, for instance, might mean you will soon announce a pregnancy, as explained in Dreamstop. Veggies are another common fertility symbol.

6. Scattering Seeds


Yeah, the symbolism here isn't too difficult to figure out. Seeds are sometimes a sign of pending pregnancy in dreams, as noted in Aunty Flo. Pay attention if you're scattering seeds or filling a bird feeder in one of your dreams.

7. Going For A Walk


Do you dream about taking long hikes or even going for a stroll around the neighborhood? Dreams about walking may symbolize the long journey of a pregnancy, as noted in Babble. Those nine months are quite the journey for most moms, after all.

8. Falling Rain


Stormy dreams might mean big changes for your life. Falling rain can represent fertility and renewal, as noted in Secret Energy. It gives new meaning to the term baby shower.

9. Rabbits


Because of their speedy reproductive habits, rabbits are symbols of fertility in many cultures. So it isn't a big surprise that dreaming about rabbits may mean you have a new baby on the way, according to What's Your Sign. A different adorable creature might soon be in your life.

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