9 Fights Every Couple Has In The First Week Of Parenting

No matter how happy you and your partner were before becoming parents, babies have a way of shaking things up. Once baby enters the picture, the person you loved to cuddle on the couch with can turn into one of your biggest adversaries. There are some fights every couple has in the first week of parenting. And although the conflict usually gets resolved well before baby's first birthday, these little issues can really take a toll on your relationship when you're in the thick of it.

Don't be surprised if things aren't always peaceful while your family is settling in and getting used to your new life at home with baby. The stress of trying to decode a newborn baby's cries coupled with the lack of sleep can leave even the most even-tempered person on edge. Deciding who will get up for late-night feedings, who's turn it is for diaper duty, and who deserves some free time to recharge are among some of the most common things couples fight about when they add a new baby to their family.

But with a little bit of patience and a lot of communication, you and your partner can work through these issues and find a comfortable rhythm that works for everyone. Try spreading the work around — especially diaper duty — to make sure no one feels like they are doing all of the dirty work. By talking through the issues, you can make sure that those first week fights are soon a thing of the past.


Who's Getting Up With Baby?

For new parents, sleep is a precious commodity. Which is why deciding which parent should get up with baby for those dreaded late-night feedings is a common argument, according to Baby Center.


Who Is Changing The Diaper?

Changing diapers is just one of the down and dirty responsibilities that comes along with being a new parent. And although your baby may be small, those occasional blowouts are not for the faint of heart — leaving your and your partner to fight over who's turn it is to clean up the mess.


When Do I Get Free Time?

Although most new parents will agree that having a baby is a blessing, caring for a new baby around the clock can feel like a prison sentence. And if you are isolated from your extended family, you and your partner have to rely on each other more than ever. Deciding who deserves a break can be a big source of conflict, according to Baby Center.


Who's Methods Do We Go With?

You'll both go into your parenting roles with your own ideas about the best way to do things. From changing diapers to the best way to burp baby, new parents often have conflicts over who does it best.


Can You Step Away From The Phone?

Even if it is to post the latest picture of the baby sleeping, spending too much time on cell phones and laptops can be a big source of conflict for new parents. As mentioned, many new moms wish their partner would put down their electronic devices and be present for them and baby. After all, they're only going to sleep this much for a little while.


Where Is The Love?

While things may have been hot and heavy in your love life before baby, you probably won't have much of a sex drive right after giving birth. You may find yourself disagreeing with your partner on the dip in your love life, according to Scary Mommy.


Who's Keeping House?

Caring for a new baby takes a lot of work, leaving little time or energy for the rest of the household responsibilities. But the laundry still needs to be done. Couples often disagree over who will keep up with the cooking and cleaning, particularly if one parent does not work.


What About Me?

In addition to your household chores, you may find that you and your partner have little time and energy for each other. Don't be surprised if one of you feels a little neglected after the arrival of your new baby.


What To Do With The In-Laws?

When you bring home your new baby, the grandparents will most likely want to rush over to help. But as much as you love your parents, their presence may become a source of conflict after a while. Having your in-laws around can be stressful enough without a new baby. Add new parenting stress to the mix and you could be in a for a serious battle.