9 Gender Neutral Baby Names Inspired By Disney Movies


For years, Disney films have given the world tons of memorable heroes and villains, many of whom have fantastic names. It's no surprise that people draw inspiration from pop culture when they are choosing a name for their baby — so why not draw from the Disney name pool? If you're looking for some name ideas, consider these gender neutral Disney baby names as an option for your little one.

Turning to Disney movies may not be your first thought when considering a name for the bundle you have on the way, but many of the characters over the years have some pretty badass names that work for girls and boys alike. You don't have to go the princess and prince route either, since many of the Disney character names are considered gender neutral. And keep in mind, many of these can be modified to suit your tastes.

Whether or not you're a fan of classics like Pinnochio or modern day favorites like Frozen, this list has a little bit of everything when it comes to baby name ideas. If you're wondering what to name your precious baby, take a page out of Disney's book and use one of these nine gender neutral names inspired by Disney films.



Grandma Willow was the wise caregiver in Pocahontas, and the name, which is inspired by the willow tree sounds as whimsical as the tree for which it's named. Any free spirited child would embody the name, Willow, which can be shortened to Will if desired.



If you want a name full of spunk and confidence, Jessie is a great pick. This fearless character from the Toy Story franchise never backs down from a challenge. Use either the spelling from the movie, or the variation Jesse, which is more commonly used for boys.



For a name that embodies a carefree spirit, think of the lovable cub, Koda from Brother Bear and Brother Bear 2. This name has a fun and playful nature that would be great for an energetic little soul.



If you're planning on raising an adventurous foodie, Remy from Ratatouille is a perfect fit. According to Oh Baby Names, characteristics of Remy are wise, imaginative, and philosphical. Perfect for an child who marches to the beat of their own drum.



Although this Oliver & Company character doesn't have many redeeming qualities, you can look beyond that for a cool sounding name that works for both boys and girls; and has a deep literary history since Fagin appears as one of the characters in Oliver Twist.



The hero of the movie Robin Hood, is a fearless and charismatic leader. A long time gender neutral favorite, Robin means bright fame and has been the moniker for many stars such as Robin Williams and Robin Wright.



The brave and heroic protagonist from The Black Cauldron, Taran is a name that will fit any adventurous little one. This name lends itself to the great qualities of this character — always seeking to do good deeds and learn new things.



The playful and imaginative Andy from the Toy Story trilogy has a classic name that has been used for both boys and girls for many years. The name Andy captures the youthful spirit that the character portrays and can be modified to Andi or Andie, if desired.



If you want an independent influencer, think of the name Kaa, from a Disney classic, Jungle Book. With a persuasive charm, Kaa from the lulls others into a dreamy state of mind.

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