9 Reasons To Masturbate While Pregnant


Almost all of the bizarre things that come along with pregnancy can be traced back to hormones. The surges of progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone are the reason you burst into tears because you saw a cute kitten gif. And they can also be responsible for your urge to get it on. It's not uncommon for pregnant women to be in the mood for sex, and when nature calls, there is no reason not to answer. You don't have to be shy about your body's needs, in fact, the reasons to masturbate while pregnant outweigh any embarrassment you may feel.

If for no other reason, think of the release your pregnant body will enjoy. It's hard work growing a human, and sometimes you need a little something awesome to get through the day. But all the good feels aside, pregnant women can soak up some serious health benefits to packing some Os in here and there throughout each trimester. All the health benefits of orgasms are going to be enjoyed (and some even amplified) during pregnancy.

When you feel the need, don't wait for your partner to make things happen. Start receiving all the goodies that masturbating during pregnancy brings, and make the most of those nine months.

1It's A Stress Realease


Everyday life can be stressful enough, but add being pregnant to the mix and your stressors can increase. Having an orgasm is a stress reliever because it delivers a sweet adrenaline rush, according to Parents magazine. So wash away the worries of the day by giving yourself a relaxing O.

2It's Safe For Your Baby


When pregnant, women find themselves considering every decision to determine whether or not it is good for the baby. Well rest assured that orgasms poses no harm to fetuses, according to Cosmopolitan, and may even feel like a little massage according to magazine.

3It's More Intense


If you thought a normal orgasm was amazing, your Os on pregnancy might send you over the pleasure edge. As Babble pointed out, the increased amount of blood flowing to your genitals and the extra hormones in your body make pregnancy orgasms more intense versions of the original.

4It Won't Make Your Baby Come Early


Some myths die hard, and the one about having sex to speed up labor is one. But as the website Healthy Women reported, "there is no evidence that sexual activity in late pregnancy increases the risk of preterm delivery between 29 and 36 weeks gestation." In fact, as the article pointed out, women who during late pregnancy reduce their risk of preterm delivery.

5It's Give You An Oxytocin High


One hormone that deserves a high-five is oxytocin. It's responsible for putting you in a good mood, and when you have an orgasm oxytocin has a party in your brain. As the website Pregnancy Info pointed out, oxytocin is also responsible for labor contractions, which is where the myth of sex in the third trimester can lead to preterm labor began. However, there has been no link between orgasms and labor induction, so just sit back and enjoy that glorious mood.

6It May Be Your Only Option


As Mayo Clinic reported, there are times when pregnant women may be banned from intercourse as a medical necessity. This means that your only chance for an O is from taking matters into your own hands (literally).

7It Reminds You That You're A Woman


As soon as I became pregnant, I started to feel my identity shift. Taking on a new role as "mom" can bring up a lot of questions and emotions. But letting go and enjoying an orgasm can remind you that you're more than just someone's mother — you're still a woman and a sexual being.

8It Boosts Your Immuinty


You're already eating the right things and trying to stay fit while growing that little human inside you, so why not up your health game with some of the benefits orgasms provide. According to What To Expect's website, pregnancy orgasms boost antibodies that fight colds and infections. This is not only good for you, but protects your baby as well.

9It Can Make You Love Yourself Even More


As you experience physical changes throughout pregnancy, it's common to start to feel a little disconnected from your body. But according to Women's Health magazine, people who masturbate have higher self-esteem and body image, which is something you'll want to hang on to during those 40 weeks of being pregnant.