9 Things Every Woman Wants A Man To Know About Kissing

Even when you're an old pro at kissing, it's still an an important component of most romantic relationships. Chances are, you want your kisses to be as hot as possible, but sometimes this involves a little know-how from your partner. That's why it's crucial to know the things every woman wants a man to know about kissing. (Or, you know, any other gender of partner. Great kisses are for every relationship).

There are all sorts of little things you can do to make kissing even better. From maintaining great hygiene to reigning in your saliva, there are tons of ways to up your smooching game. And knowing when to add a nibble here and there can make things even sexier.

Basically, kissing can be a fun and enjoyable part of any relationship, whether you've been with your partner for ten years or just a few hours. By keeping an open mind and being willing to try out some new techniques, you and your SO can keep enjoying one of the most intimate and fun parts of romantic relationships. Keep reading to learn how to make sure your kisses are as gentle, sexy, and sweet as possible. Sometimes the simplest adjustments can make all the difference in your smooches.


Go Soft To Start

First kisses don't need to be overeager. As noted in Men's Health, being pretty gentle with your first kiss is probably a good idea, given that women tend to prefer a little less tongue than men (at least in the beginning). You can start slow and build up from there.


Freshen Up

There's no such thing as having breath that's just too fresh. According to Marie Claire, having presentable breath can make the difference between a great kiss and a cringeworthy one. When in doubt, opt for the mints or mouthwash.


Let Loose

When you're ready to get down, ramp up the kisses as well. As noted in Cosmopolitan, passionate kisses may help you get in the mood — and possibly even reach orgasm more easily. Because it may increase your heart rate and up your blood pressure, kissing wildly may be the best aphrodisiac of all.


Get Handsy

Put your hands to good use during a kissing session. As noted in Glamour, women typically love it when a man cups their face in his hands, or plays with her hair when they're kissing. Don't ask why: just know it works.


Let Her Breathe

For whatever reason, it's easy to leave a lady breathless when you're kissing, but not in a good way. As noted in Time, it's good to make sure you aren't suffocating your partner when kissing. You may just need to tilt your head a bit, or even take a break now and then.



All right, this isn't about hurting your partner. But as explained on Your Tango, many women enjoy it when you use a little nibbling with your kisses. It can add that extra something to take your kisses to the next level.


Get Sweet

Sometimes a little snack can boost the romance factor. You may want to try eating strawberries or other sweet fruits between your kisses, as noted in Women's Health. Lacing your kisses with sweetness is extra-sexy.


Keep It Neat

Sure, some women might enjoy sloppy kisses, but in general it's a good idea to keep things neat. As explained in New Health Advisor, you'll do well to keep the saliva in check. Drool is rarely sexy.


Talk It Out

Communication is the crux of all relationships, especially when it comes to your kissing partners. Therefore, you should not be shy about speaking up about your likes and dislikes when it comes to kissing, as explained in WebMD. As long as you're playful when offering advice and not critical, chances are your partner will appreciate the feedback.