9 Unexpected Ways You’re Actually Hurting Your Sex Life

Lighting candles, playing soft music, and breaking out the nice bedsheets are all typical ways to improve your sex life. Before you set the mood, though, it's important to know the unexpected ways you're actually making your sex life worse. After all, you don't want to sabotage those romantic efforts.

Plenty of daily routines, both in and out of the bedroom, can take a toll on your intimacy. Running on too little sleep, or simply eating a heavy meal before bed, can wreck your libido. Even the everyday habits that seem really minor, such as playing on your phone before bed, can distract you from your partner. Sometimes it's better to close out the apps and let nature take its course.

More major concerns can also affect your sex life. Living under a great deal of stress, or trying to cope with depression, can make sex the last thing on your mind. In these cases, you may want to enlist the help of a doctor for advice.

In general, though, most of these routines can be addressed without much difficulty. Going a few nights without your phone, for instance, is not a big deal for most people. Read on to see whether these often overlooked habits are secretly sabotaging your sex life.


Skimping On Sleep

To help your love life, sometimes the best thing you can do in bed is sleep. A lack of sleep can zap your energy and make you more stressed, dampening your sex drive, according to WebMD. Prioritizing sleep can basically make your whole life a bit better.


Stressing To The Max

Plenty of people live in "go" mode at all times, and that can take a toll. As noted in the website for Shape, stress can be a major contributor to low libido. After all, you only have so much energy to give in a day.


Using Electronics In Bed

At the end of a long day, doesn't it feel like such a treat to scroll through your phone? Finally you have a chance to browse whatever topics strikes your fancy with no regrets. Unfortunately, playing with your phone or tablet in bed can take time away from sex, according to the website for Good Housekeeping. Powering down before you hit the sack might be a good call.


Breathing Shallowly

Practicing deep breathing can help you relax, tune in to your body, and let the day go. And as noted on the website for Women's Day, deep breathing can help you become more aware of your sexual energy. Syncing your breath with your partner's can be especially powerful as well.


Skipping Exercise

A regular workout routine can keep things hot and heavy in the bedroom. As explained in the website for Psychology Today, the boost you get from endorphins can also release sex hormones. Plus, you develop all that fantastic strength and stamina.


Eating Certain Foods

Oysters may be an aphrodisiac, but the same cannot be said for all foods. As noted by The Daily Meal, loading up on certain foods, such as cheese, may alter your body's hormonal production. After sex, of course, pretty much everything is fair game. Hello, nachos.


Boozing It Up

It's a balancing act. For plenty of people, a few sips of wine can help set the mood. But as noted in Everyday Health, having too many drinks can make reaching orgasm difficult. Finding your happy medium is crucial.


Ignoring Depression

Depression can be a difficult topic for many people. Left untreated, however, depression can hamper your sex drive, as explained in WebMD. Exploring your treatment options may help your sex life as well.


Not Talking About It

It's been said a thousand times: relationships require communication. And, as explained in The Huffington Post, being stressed out in your relationship and unable to communicate will likely result in a lackluster sex life. Clearing the air may help you reconnect better in bed as well.