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Aaron Rodgers Is The Focus On ‘The Bachelorette’, Even Though It’s Jordan’s Hometown Date

It's hometown date time this week on The Bachelorette, where JoJo gets to meet the families of the four men competing for her heart. It was only about four minutes into Jordan's date before JoJo brought up his brother Aaron. In fact, Jordan's brother Aaron (You-Know-Who), took up about 90 percent of the conversation throughout the entire date. Aaron Rodgers was the focus on The Bachelorette, even though it was Jordan's hometown date.

Strangely, the way everyone spoke about him, one would think that Aaron had died, or perhaps joined an extremely sketchy cult. JoJo and the family in general spent a lot of time talking about how they just don't talk about Aaron. JoJo seemed to pick up immediately that Jordan didn't really want to discuss his brother when she pointed out a picture of him on the wall of his high school. That didn't stop her from bringing it up at the football field, or again during her one-on-one sit down with his other brother, Luke. At the family dinner, JoJo pointed out the "two empty chairs" where she imagined Jordan and his family wished Aaron (and his girlfriend Olivia Munn?) were sitting at that moment.

From the dramatic music, to the close-up of the family snapshots, the date felt more like a eulogy for Aaron than for a chance for JoJo to meet Jordan's family. Jordan lamented the fact that his other brother couldn't be present, saying that it would have been nice, and that he misses him, especially at moments like this. It was made very clear that Jordan has never brought a girlfriend home to meet his folks before, and of course he would have liked his brother to be there for that moment.

Though she and the family had talked of basically nothing else for her entire visit, at the end of it JoJo made a somewhat feeble (in my opinion) attempt to recenter the focus on Jordan. "He's no one's brother," she said, which is a silly statement as it is quite obviously untrue. Perhaps what she meant to say is, "Yes, he's the brother of a famous football player and I'm a little disappointed I didn't get to meet Olivia Munn, but I love him for him, and not his family."