Allow Me To Share With You The Magic Of The Plus Promise


Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and, let's face it: you must accept it) is multifaceted: First, you must acquire no less than a month's supply of Pull-Ups® for your child, then find a swing set to keep them busy (and buy you some free time) this summer. Next, you must locate a literal ton of treats for an unconfirmed number of kids and parents at the end-of-year class party, and finally, you have to find an adorable teacher’s gift.

Oh, and did I mention you have exactly one hour before school pick-up? Ready, set, go!

Allow me, a seasoned mom of two, to offer a solid suggestion on how to accomplish said mission, stat: Costco Warehouse. There is no other place on my radar that can successfully nail these immediate needs quickly and still make me feel like I’ve done right by my family. (As for the gift, why not a lovely terrarium filled with gorgeous succulents? Boom, done.)

Once inside this promised land of a warehouse where to-do lists go to meet their match, you can rest easy knowing that not only is everything you need now within cart-pushing distance, but you also have the Plus Promise on your side. Simply put, the Plus Promise is a pact between Huggies® and Costco Warehouse that pledges to offer parents only the best products for the littlest family members, like Huggies® Plus diapers and Pull-Ups® Plus training pants that are uniquely designed to offer the perfect balance of highest quality and best value. And if you, like me, are the one in the driver’s seat running yourself ragged on errands, you’ll know that you're always in a race that leaves very little time for comparing labels and online product reviews. You just want to be able to trust that whatever you're throwing into your cart is going to do exactly what it promises.

That's why the approval of the Plus Promise almost feels unicorn-like in nature; it magically bestows upon me the peace of mind that I’m bringing home the best for my family when I unload that cart of goodies. It means that good, quality products at an affordable price are the only ones you’ll find on the shelves when you’re blowing through aisles in a hurry.

But most importantly, don't forget to pick something out for yourself, lest you forget that it's you who makes so much happen in your house and beyond. I totally deserve a fancy foot massager and a bouquet of fresh wildflowers as a reward for the endless calisthenics that come with crushing my to-do list each day. Or a new beach read that will sit on my coffee table all season since, let’s be honest, I’ll actually be running after my kids. On the bright side, at least I (inadvertently) have next summer’s read already lined up.

This post is sponsored by Huggies®.