Using Boxed Dye While Pregnant? You Should Wait

When you're pregnant, your rapidly growing belly and swollen feet can cause you to feel a little less than beautiful. But since there's not much you can do to stop those things from happening, many moms-to-be choose to spend a little more time focusing on the things they can change. For example, keeping those pesky grays away. You probably colored your hair at home without a second thought before getting pregnant. But now if you're looking to give your do a new hue, you may be wondering, can I use boxed dye while pregnant?

As the Mayo Clinic mentioned, your skin can absorb a small amount of hair dye during the coloring process. However, those chemicals have not been proven to cause harm to your baby. Even so, you may want to extra special care to protect your precious cargo. The first few weeks of pregnancy are a critical part of your baby's development, as vital organs are beginning to develop. According to What to Expect, if you do plan to dye your hair during your pregnancy, it's best to wait until the second trimester.

But if you decide to dye, the process you choose can make things a little safer for baby. As What to Expect suggested, semi-permanent colors that don't contain bleach are safer alternatives. The color will wash out, but since your hair grows like a weed during your pregnancy, you'll likely want to color again as soon as your roots begin to show.

Additionally, you should take safety precautions when applying the color to your hair. According to the Mayo Clinic, the Food and Drug Administration recommended wearing gloves, leaving the dye on no longer than directed, and rinsing the scalp throughly at the end of your treatment as the best way to ensure your coloring process is safe for both you and your baby. And as always, if you have any questions about whether or not coloring your hair is safe at any point in your pregnancy, it's best to check with your doctor. So don't spend the next nine months avoiding cameras and mirrors. With the right products and a little extra care, you can keep your locks looking beautiful until your baby is born — and then you'll never have time to do your hair again.