Can My Partner Finger Me After I Had A Baby?

Resuming intimacy after the arrival of a baby is a tricky task for most new parents. Your body is working on the slow process of recovering from pregnancy and birth, and your brain is filled with thoughts about the new baby. As the sex life gradually resumes, you might wonder: can my partner finger me after I had a baby? Dropping back to this act seems like a safe way to get things restarted.

Many couples prefer to put sex on the back burner for a little while after having a baby. As explained on Baby Center, you have to wait until at least the six week checkup to resume sexual activity postpartum. This is because having sex before the lochia (postpartum bleeding) has stopped puts a new mom at risk for infection. Unless a physician has said otherwise, nothing should enter the vagina at this time — not even a finger.

Overall, it's important to remember individual postpartum recovery times vary tremendously. Some couples are ready to get back in the saddle shortly after baby is born, while others are happy to give it a little more time. In either case, a little digital manipulation is a fun way to reignite your sexuality once the time is right.

Even once you're cleared to resume sex, it's normal to feel a little hesitant. That's where fingering could help bridge the gap, so to speak. For instance, clitoral stimulation with a lubed finger provides excitement, and it doesn't risk the pain of penetration, according to Glamour. Even if full-on intercourse is not a pleasant possibility yet, closeness and intimacy are both available.

Want to go a little farther? Go for it; follow that mood. By making sure your partner has clean hands and neatly filed nails, there is less risk for infection, as noted by Bustle. Gentle teasing movements around the inner labia and vaginal opening is a great way to test the waters and enjoy your body again. At this time, the pursuit of pleasure might take precedence over any attempt at orgasm. Do what feels right. You and your partner will return to a healthy sex life in no time.