Can My Partner Finger Me If I'm Pregnant? It Depends

Pregnancy means thinking twice about everything from the sushi bar to the amusement park. In some cases, this sense of caution affects the bedroom as well. With this in mind, you might wonder, " can my partner finger me if I'm pregnant?" It seems like a safe enough activity, but the answer depends on your particular pregnancy's development.

To be clear, desiring sex during your pregnancy is normal and healthy. In fact, your sex drive may be higher than usual during pregnancy, thanks in part to those heightened estrogen levels, according to Romper. So whatever your desire during this time is OK and nothing to feel weird or ashamed about.

That said, the type of sex you can enjoy at this time depends on the state of your pregnancy. For most people, it's safe to have sex until labor starts, according to Baby Center. In general, sexual activity of any sort won't hurt the embryo, and they baby won't know what's going on. However, in the event of a high risk pregnancy, women may be advised to avoid all sexual contact, according to the website for Parents. This could include all types of penetration, including fingering. If you have a high-risk condition such as polycystic ovary syndrome or preeclampsia, then you should work with your doctor to determine how much sexual activity is safe at this time.


Even if your pregnancy is progressing without complication, it is still smart to take some extra precautions at this time. Ensuring your partner has clean hands and filed fingernails makes the process more comfortable for you, and it reduces the potential of introducing pathogens into your business. And as noted in Very Well, if STD transference is a concern, then you can use a finger cot as an added layer of protection. A finger cot looks and acts like a condom for your fingers. Yes, it looks ridiculous, but the finger cot helps both partners decrease the risk of infection. For the time being, you can embrace a little weirdness to protect the pregnancy. Who knows? Finger cots could become your new favorite thing as a couple.