Can You Buy The Nintendo Switch On Ebay? It's Resale Value Seems Like It'll Be High

Gamers are fully anticipating the release of Nintendo Switch next year. The console will allowing gamers to easily alternate between portable and home gaming. Everyone wants to get their hands on the Switch as soon as possible, but you may not be able to find it everywhere. It may not even be easily available at everybody's favorite garage sale website. So can you buy the Nintendo Switch on eBay?

Older, used game consoles are often given new life on eBay. Some rare ones have even fetched thousands of dollars. But eBay has typically not been a source to buy the latest consoles, especially if you want one that's brand new.

Although Nintendo hasn't announced any specific retailers that will be selling the Switch, a list of authorized sellers of Nintendo products is available on their website.

Retailers such as Best Buy already have a product page available for the Switch despite the fact that it won't be available until March 2017 — and doesn't even have a retail price yet! You can also sign up for notifications of a pre-order date for the Switch at Amazon.

The only retailer currently offering pre-orders for the Switch is UK gaming console site ShopTo. The eBay market for the Switch may be high. Some fans may want just the handheld version of the Switch and if they wish to buy it without the dock at a lower price, they're out of luck.

According to gaming writer Laura Kate Dale, Nintendo initially considered selling the handheld portion separately, but decided against it because some customers buying the handheld may think they can connect it to the TV without the dock.

So for gamers looking to own just the Switch without all of the accessories, or who are looking to save a couple of bucks, eBay may be the only way to go. Social media has already predicted that resellers will sell the Switch on eBay at a mark-up.

Nintendo will ship two million of the Switch console in March. That's fewer than the 3 million units the Wii U first sold in a similar time frame after it was first released. But if demand for the Switch is high, getting it off of eBay luckily won't be the only way to be able to buy one: Nintendo is prepared to increase the number of units to meet demand. The Switch is also not being sold at a loss, The Wall Street Journal reported. That's important because it means Nintendo's retail price of the product isn't depending on software sales to make a profit. That suggests the Switch may be more expensive than some gamers are expecting or are used to.

Of course, there are always concerns about how safe it is to buy used gaming consoles. And it's important to support Nintendo by buying the Switch from a direct retailer rather than a reseller, because Nintendo won't see any of your money for a product that's already been paid for.