Carter's 50% off sale means you can stock up on major wardrobe staples for your kids.
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Carter's 50% Off Sale Is Happening Now & I Want All Of It

I spend a ton of dollars on kids clothing. My kids are hard on their clothing, and my daughter fancies herself "an influencer," even though she's not on social media. Thank the sweet gods of retail that Carter's 50% off sale is happening, but I'm still shopping alone. I've long ago learned my lesson.

I'd venture to guess that every parent of a newborn has received or purchased a multipack of Carter's famous bodysuits. They sell them in packs of 10, and those white bodysuits Oxyclean like a dream when your kid poops up the whole back, making them the gold standard of babywear. My daughter has been a long time fan of their Christmas pajamas, looking forward to a new pair every year, and my son always loved their flannel shirts as much as he loves any clothing, so that's a win. As for me, I love the fact that they send a ton of coupons in the mail and always seem to have blowout sales going on. I'm on a budget.

Several times a year, I find myself roaming the aisles of Carter's, picking up huge packages of underwear and graphic tees along with their super soft leggings and girls' button downs. (More leggings forever. What do kids do to get holes in them so quickly?) And with this 50% off sale, I'm eyeballing some sweet new items:


Teddy Bear Ears

Who doesn't love a baby in bear ears? Personally, I'm of the mind that all baby hoodies should have ears of some sort. This cozy, fleece-lined sherpa hoodie will keep your little teddy bear snuggly and warm throughout the season. Also, they'll look like a tiny little stuffed plush. Do it for the 'gram.


This Dress, Though

This dress just screams "Christmas pictures" to me. Yes, it would be good for a picture with Santa, but that dude gets the credit for everything already. It's only a small comfort that he gets peed on regularly. No, this dress is to take a picture with parents and siblings gathered around the tree, looking happy for the Christmas card.

Carter's has similar options in the form of button ups and pants, and the plaid is universal enough that it wouldn't be hard to find a pretty close match for the parents. Like this one on LL Bean. Also, while you're there, grab a sleeping bag for Christmas Eve night when you fall asleep in the basement wrapping presents and drinking heavily whiskey'd nog.


Adorable Outerwear

Does this come in an adult size 8 tall? Because I think I would look just aces in it. Plus it looks so warm. Why is it that kids' jackets always look so much more comfortable than adult coats? Do we not also deserve such levels of cozy? I routinely ride the subway at night with many interesting characters. I should be allowed to have some form of comfort while a naked guy sits across from me, trying to maintain heavy eye-contact.


On Trend

My daughter is super into buffalo check right now, and she's been looking for a pair of checked leggings to complete the look. These really fit the bill.

She could hide in a barrel of gift wrap with this outfit on. Photo courtesy of Cat Bowen

I wasn't kidding.


Fleece Is Where It's At

The fleece coats that were so popular in the early aughts have made a huge comeback. I'm excited to see people really digging into this trend because not only do they look cute, they're just so practical. They're super soft, wash easily, and they're incredibly durable.


This Delightfully Gender Neutral Option

I've probably purchased 20 pairs of these pants for my kids over the years. They're great for layering in the really cold months, they are fantastic as pajamas, and they are stretchy enough to be worn for activities like soccer or basketball.

They're also great for pillow making. Seriously, my kids made pillows out of the legs of these in school as a project, and they are cozy bolsters. (Neck pillows?) Whatever, they're soft, and keep them out of the landfill.


Pull-On Khakis

If your kid has to wear a uniform, often these pants can be worn. I know that in some of the public schools in New York City that have adopted a uniform, these pants are totally acceptable, and they're also a lot more comfortable than the starched, stiff khakis of the uniforms of my past. Those were the actual worst. Even more so than the skirts, which were not only gendered nonsense, but also heavy wool.


Puppy Butt

I am sorry, but this jumpsuit has a puppy face on the booty, and it's just too much to handle. I would 100 percent hold my baby perfectly on my arm so everyone could see their puppy butt. I know this because both of my babies had animal bootied jumpsuits from Carter's, and that's exactly what I did.