The Sweetest Celebrity Easter Tweets & Instagrams

Easter is one of those holidays that bring families together, year after year, celebrating with one another for religious purposes or for the sake of tradition. Really — what's more exciting than spending time with family, eating the ears off of a bunny made out of chocolate, or going on a quest to find Easter eggs in your backyard? Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, its easy to see why the many celebrity Easter tweets and Instagrams flooding the internet today prove that, no matter their level of fame, they too love family traditions and hanging out with the Easter bunny once a year — at least as much as the rest of us.

On Easter this year (and days before), celebrities and politicians took to their social media accounts to wish their fans and followers a happy holiday and show off some traditions of their own. Even early Sunday morning, just as every one was waking up to their Easter baskets, these public figures took to their social media accounts to spread the happiness of the holiday and remind everyone about the many reasons for celebration, both religious and non-religious. Just one look at these photos and well wishes is a great reminder that in uncertain times like these, there is still happiness to be shared by all, and that, if nothing else, everything looks cuter painted in pastel colors.

Because The Easter Bunny Is Cuter Than Most Holiday Mascots

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's daughter, Luna, met the Easter bunny one week prior than the holiday, and looked absolutely adorable in her photo with him. The family could not look any happier to be around a life sized rabbit (which, for a toddler, is no easy feat).

Sharing One Last Easter Before The New Baby

Ciara and son Future Jr. posed for their photo with the Easter bunny on Wednesday, looking absolutely excited to do so. The pair have plenty to be excited about too, given that Future Jr.'s new baby brother or sister will be here soon.

Politicians Send Well Wishes

Putting politics aside for one day, several politicians took to Twitter to wish everyone a Happy Easter, no matter their political or religious affiliation — speaking a message relevant to all.

"Yes, we will struggle," Speaker Paul Ryan said in his Easter video posted to his Twitter account. "But after our struggle there is redemption. And there is always hope." Ryan's message in particular may have been religious, but even for those non-religious among us, the phrase, "There is always hope" feels particularly uplifting of late.

Family Traditions

Celebrity parents took to Instagram to share their family tradition of coloring Easter eggs and spending the day at the happiest place on earth. Selma Blair, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Mariah Carey all showed off their colorful creations, proudly displaying them for the camera. Meanwhile, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar opted for a different family tradition — bringing her family to Disney to celebrate. "Happy Easter from the Happiest Place On Earth (best photo bomb ever)," Gellar wrote in the photo's caption.

Unique Perspectives & Outlooks

Other celebrities took to Twitter and Instagram to wish others a Happy Easter in their own ways — by eating a lot of Easter candy or taking a personal day to celebrate with family. These celebrity tweets and Instagrams show that no matter how you choose to spend the day, traditions and time spent with family are always a reason for celebration.