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Chrissy Teigen Says Luna Hugs Her "Once A Week," & Moms Are Like, Same

Everyone tells you that, when you become a mom, you're going to be getting constant hugs. Or that's what I was promised, at any rate. That my life would be full of happy child cuddles whenever I wanted them. Which was true sometimes, but not all the time. My sons all went through a stage where I'm pretty sure they thought I had leprosy, because hugging me seemed to really horrify them. It was disconcerting, and honestly not what was advertised. So when Chrissy Teigen said Luna hugs her "once a week," I was selfishly relieved. Because now I can assume it's just a thing with kids, and not me.

The cookbook author and model is currently on a family holiday in Hong Kong with 22-month-old daughter Luna and husband, "Love Me Now" singer John Legend. And because Teigen is basically savant-level savvy at sharing on social media, it's like she brought all of her fans along for the ride. On Saturday, Teigen posted pictures of the family's visit to Disneyland in Hong Kong, where daughter Luna was spellbound by a meeting with the one and only Minnie Mouse. So spellbound, in fact, that she went in for a hug with the cartoon icon.

In the video, Luna is hugging and kissing Minnie Mouse as though her life depended on it while her mom laughs happily and says, "She's letting her hug her!" Which, as Teigen noted in the caption on Instagram, is rather unusual for her daughter.

she lets me hug her once a week.

Fans totally understood where she was coming from, and shared their own stories of getting the cold shoulder from their children. You know, the same people we food and clothe and love and stuff?

“She’s letting her hug her!!” damn is Luna.. my child?
This is my future child 🤣🤣 "you're getting carried away ma'am. please release me"

Now to be fair to Luna, Teigen did share a very sweet photo of their visit with her daughter dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast sitting on her lap. Sort of leaning back against her, which could be construed as something of an embrace in some cultures. Although the look on her face is just this side of aloof, so I'm guessing she doesn't love it.

Perhaps the trick is to wait until she's passed out from exhaustion, like she is in this picture with her father? Although he looks to be asleep as well, so maybe it doesn't count.

Teigen might find things change ever so slightly in the near future. She is pregnant with her second child, a boy, and from my experience (and that of so many other moms) this tends to change the hugging dynamic dramatically. Much like the dating world, the presence of another claim on your affections greatly improves your desirability, as noted by this mom on Twitter:

When my second son was born, I honestly became like the hottest supermodel on the planet to my 2-year-old. Suddenly he couldn't get enough of me, always touching my face and climbing all over me and giving me those super-hard face kisses aggressive toddlers seem to love so much. Especially if I was trying to breastfeed his baby brother or change his diaper or something. I can only imagine it will be considerably worse for Teigen, as she is already a hot supermodel.

My unsolicited and probably unwanted advice to Teigen? Enjoy the last few months you have of autonomous limbs. Once your baby boy arrives, it will feel like you don't have enough body parts to be claimed by the grasping affections of a 2-year-old and a newborn baby.

And you'll probably love every damn minute of it.