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Chrissy Teigen's Photo Of Luna With Wings Is Absolutely Adorable

I don't know everyone else, but I think baby Luna might just be my new favorite celeb baby. If only because Chrissy Teigen's photo of Luna with wings is one of the most adorable things you've see all weekend (OK, apart from your own little people enjoying the beginning of summer and BBQ fare). But seriously, this outfit makes her look like the tiniest little angel ever. And they aren't just any wings — they are designer wings. Because of course they have to be. In the photo, Teigen is balancing Luna in her lap, captioning the Instagram picture thanking Monica Rose Style for the sweet onesie. She added, "so cute" with a nice little lineup of heart and happy emoji. Because seriously, it's freaking cute as heck.

I'm also just sort of obsessed with how obsessed Teigen is with Luna. This angel wing outfit emoting is really similar to one of the first pictures the model and cookbook author shared with fans of her first child. That one was taken during bathtime and it was breaking Teigen's heart in all the same ways.

But Luna is a heartbreaker all around. Earlier this weekend, Teigen shared a video of "Auntie" Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fawning over the infant on Snapchat. West, who always seems to look sort of displeased with the world in general, was pretty much beaming as he held Luna over brunch. Adorable, if you ask me. You know you've made it when you brunch with Kimye at Nobu. Talk about living that glam life.

The two couples are actually really close friends. Kim Kardashian threw Teigen one hell of a baby shower earlier this spring, complete with a star studded guest list and great catering. Along with the baby greens and cupcakes Kardashian served sausage egg McMuffins from McDonald's. "Thank u Chrissy Teigen for making us all feel normal," guest Erin Andrews wrote on Instagram after the party. Uh, yea. Chrissy Teigen is the realest woman in the game right now. There's just something about those fast food sausage patties that can get me going, too, Chrissy. I feel you.

Teigen has said that she often turned to Kim and Kanye for advice during her pregnancy, too. "Kim gave me advice from even before we started," she told E! News. Just regular pregnancy stuff, like about keeping it classy in maternity wear and fertility. These ladies have a good thing going between them.

Also, their friendship means that Luna and Saint West, who will be just months apart in age can BFFs, too. If you add big sisters and family friends like Penelope Disick and North to the mix, this is basically a squad in the making. I'm seeing toddler fur jackets and baby Yeezys in our future. I wonder if they'd let me hang out with them at Nobu for brunch next Memorial Day weekend.