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Christina El Moussa's Quotes About Motherhood

Christina El Moussa, of Flip or Flop fame, has two adorable children that fans are likely familiar with by now, thanks to their frequent presence on El Moussa's social media: 6-year-old Taylor Reese and 1-year-old Brayden James. El Moussa and her former husband, Tarek, may have filed for divorce earlier this year, but the couple continues to put their children first. In fact, El Moussa's quotes about motherhood prove that she's always got her kids in mind.

First and foremost, it sounds like her two kids bring her and Tarek a great deal of joy, even as they co-parent. Speaking to E! News in March about her and Tarek's divorce and her subsequent life as a single mom, El Moussa said:

Honestly, it hasn't really changed my life that much. Honestly—this may sound weird—I don't even think about it at all. ... Tarek and I are in a very good place right now. We're doing a really good job. We share the kids 50/50 and our communication is great. ... The kids are happy, so everyone's doing really well.

El Moussa also told TODAY in April that the secret to successful co-parenting and motherhood is communication. "The best part is that we're both flexible," she said. "Both of us are feeling really good. The kids are extraordinarily happy."

The way El Moussa spoke about her kids to E! News also proved that, throughout the rather large life changes, she was putting her kids first — and they continued to be her focus in life. "The kids are great," El Moussa said, describing her son as "literally like the happiest kind on the planet" and her daughter as "feisty and funny."

Speaking to Redbook in April, El Moussa also explained how she manages to set aside time in her busy schedule to focus on her kids. "I don't work at night," she said. She continued:

I shut my phone off, I don't check it. I do my routine with the kids. I don't look at it for two hours. It's all about being present in the moment with them. That's one of the things we do.

The one negative side El Moussa has found to parenting? The way it apparently opens moms up to shaming from strangers. "Social media is a weird thing," she told TODAY, soon after she caught flack online for a couple of poolside pictures of her kids. "People have their keyboard and no face... they can say whatever they want... but it happens to every celebrity and people in general."

It sounds like no matter what life throws at El Moussa or their family, her kids remain her number one focus — and as long as they're happy, so is she.