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Do You Orgasm Faster After Having A Baby?

Sex after having a baby is a hot topic and no, that pun was totally not intended. Once you get into it, many new moms find that postpartum sex is just as good, if not better, than sex before having a baby. There are rumors that orgasms can be more frequent and more intense, but do you orgasm faster after having a baby?

I'd like to make a joke about how you can actually do everything faster after having a baby (which is true), but there might be something behind orgasms improving postpartum. OB-GYN surgeon Susan Lin told Women's Health that because of the increase in growth hormones during pregnancy, the number of nerve endings near your clitoris can also increase which can lead to more frequent orgasms.

But do more frequent orgasms mean they happen faster? There's not a lot of research to give a confident answer. Parenting noted that 27 percent of new moms actually say they find it more difficult to orgasm after having birth. Just like sex before you were pregnant, postpartum sex and orgasms are not one-size-fits-all and can vary from woman to woman.

One theory that makes a lot of sense about why women are able to orgasm faster after giving birth is thanks to certified sexuality educator Amy Levine who told Women's Health that the more satisfying sex a woman has, the better she becomes at having orgasms. Basically, because time is of the essence when there's a baby in the house, many new moms are waiting to have sex with their partners when they can fully enjoy it, which means they may be able to cum faster, have more sensitive or intense orgasms, and do it more frequently.

Or you could just be having faster orgasms because you want to beat the nap clock. I feel like that's a fair game to play.