Does Microblading Prevent Hair Growth? There’s A Lot To Know About The Eyebrow Grooming Technique


One facial feature that has come into its own in recent years are the eyebrows. Scrolling through any social media site will bring up endless images of bold, beautiful brows and tips on how to achieve them. For some beauty aficionados, microblading is the grooming technique to shape and still brows. But does microblading prevent hair growth later on? Most people don't want to take any risks with this crowning facial feature.

Although it sounds like a hair removal technique, microblading is actually used to increase the appearance of fuller brows. A form of tattooing, microblading is a type of semipermanent makeup application in which brows are etched on in tiny strokes that mimic natural hair, according to the website for Elle. The idea of permanent makeup might cause you to picture Sharpie-thick brows, but the technique of microblading produces fine, natural-looking results.

Why would a person want more hair up there? There is a real reason microblading has caught on in recent years. People with naturally sparse brows can have trouble creating a brow look with gel, powders, or other makeup. These applications could melt off the face during wear or look less than natural. Because it's a tattoo, microblading can last though any type of activity. Once it's done, a person can literally wake up with perfect brows. Cool, right?


That said, it's understandable if you approach the idea of microblading with a bit of trepidation. (It is a face tattoo, after all. Albeit a rather shallow one.) Most importantly, will microblading mess up your natural hair's ability to regrow? It does not seem to affect hair growth in any way. According to the Hair Transplant Institute Miami, microblading will neither prevent nor encourage future hair loss in the brow area. Of course, if you have any specific concerns, don't hesitate to ask your esthetician or doctor for advice. Particularly if you have sparse hair from a health condition such as alopecia, it's smart to check with a medical professional before going through with this technique. If you decide to go for it, though, get ready for some brows that stay awesome 24/7.