Ellen DeGeneres Donates In Honor Of Jimmy Kimmel’s Son

Once again Ellen DeGeneres is proving herself to the Ellen the generous — and this time she's asking fans to help her honor a famous friend. Last week, Jimmy Kimmel used the opening monologue of his show to discuss the birth of his son, Billy. Billy was born with a rare heart condition that required immediate surgery, and thankfully, doctors were able to respond. Now, Ellen Degeneres is donating in honor of Jimmy Kimmel's son, and it's a "win, win, win." Here's how you can help.

On his show last week, Kimmel gave an emotional account of his son's birth and the complications that followed when it was discovered he had a rare heart condition. Kimmel not only praised the doctors involved in his wife and son's care, but asked fans to support the hospital where his son's life-saving surgery took place: Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). The award-winning hospital has been operational for over 100 years, has over 350 pediatric speciality programs, 700 expert staff, and 200 active clinical trials annually, according to the facility's website. They have many departments that cover just about any disease you can imagine, all specializing in the treatment of children and adolescents. They also have a dedicated research department that's focused on finding new ways to diagnose, treat, and even one day cure the conditions affecting their patients.

During her show on Monday, DeGeneres commended Kimmel's "amazing monologue" and explained to her audience that she and her wife Portia are friends of Kimmel and his wife Molly — who she called "extremely kind, lovely people." Wanting to do something to help, DeGeneres told fans that she would be fundraising for CHLA in honor of Kimmel's family, and that they could get involved, too.

DeGeneres told fans that if they donate through Prizeo, she'll be selecting one person (plus 9 of their friends!) to take part in her 12 Days of Giveaways next season (which includes roundtrip airfare and accommodations in LA). The more money a person donates to CHLA through Prizeo, the higher their chances of winning, and there's a minimum donation of $10 to be entered into the contest. Fans who donate will also get plenty of swag from the show, even if they don't win the big prize. And knowing all that money is going toward such an amazing hospital, doing amazing work, and saving kids like Kimmel's son is about as feel-good as it gets. As DeGeneres said, "It's win-win-win."