Behold: The Hairy Chest Swimsuit Of Your Dreams

by Korey Lane

Remember when "dad bods" were all the rage last summer? And moms everywhere shared a collective eye roll as the world simultaneously judged their postpartum weight? Men spotted in their swimsuits with, well, let's just say a less than perfect physique were suddenly hot, and the world hasn't been the same since. Well, the time has come for people everywhere to be shedding their clothing once again to hit to beach (or the pool, or whatever, do your thing). And, with summertime comes swimsuit season: typically dreaded by many, and stressful to boot. Thankfully, a new swimsuit from Beloved Shirts is looking to change that, while capitalizing on the dad bod rage of last summer at the same time. Finally, the hairy chest swimsuit of your wildest dreams is a reality.

For only $44.95 — on sale from $59.95! — the "Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit" by Beloved Shirts can be all yours. Imagine, strutting your stuff in a comfortable one piece that also makes a statement. It really is a dream come true. The new suit, which has quickly gone viral across social media, gives anyone the ultimate "dad bod," and helps you stand out at that neighborhood pool party coming up. Sure, you might get a few weird looks, but doesn't that just make it more fun?

Check out the suit, in all of its glory, here:

Obviously, the swimsuit is a laugh. Clearly, the hairy chest one piece is an acquired taste and not for everyone. It's also worth noting that the suit might be offensive to non-binary, queer, and transgender folks, as it somewhat normalizes what the male body "should" look like (the hairy chest suit could isolate transgender men whose bodies don't look like that, for example).

Still, for those who are comfortable with it, the swimsuit serves as a bit of light humor during a season when, traditionally, everyone is so busy being concerned with how their "beach bodies" look that they forget to actually have fun.

For the truly fashion forward, the suit is obviously a must-have creepy addition to your summer wardrobe. Choosing to wear it sends a clear message to the world: "I have zero shame."

So, yes, wear the hairy chest swimsuit if you want to poke fun at yourself a bit (or at society's expectations for what you should look like, damn). Or don't. Either way, the future of fashion is clearly here.