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Funny Reactions To Beyonce's Twins' Rumored Names

It's hard out there for a Beyoncé fan. Getting the scoop on anything personal is next to impossible. Technically, fans still don't know that her twins were even born. But now, word on the street is that fans might also know what the twins' names are, and it's... not what many people expected. The funny reactions to Beyoncé's twins' rumored names have been rolling in on social media, and boy, do I hope that they are only rumored, because otherwise, most fans are being kind of mean to Queen Bey and her innocent babies, which is a bad look.

But honestly, I don't buy it. The Hollywood Gossip claimed "a source at the hospital" revealed the Carter twins' names to be Sean and Bea. No way. First of all, their first child is named Blue Ivy. Now, I'm not saying that people have to stick to a strict theme when naming kids, but this is like eating caviar for breakfast and then going to Applebee's for dinner. Sure, it's possible, but why? What happened to you? Then there's the source. Is this supposed to be a medical professional? Because sharing personal information about a patient is illegal, and it can be career-ending. It really doesn't seem worth it just to share some inconsequential information the public will get within the next week or so.

Then, of course, there's the fact that JAY-Z's real name is Shawn. Sure, plenty of men name their sons after themselves, but they generally don't spell it differently, because that is dumb and bad. And I could almost believe in Bea, because it's a tribute to Beyoncé without being identical, and old lady names are totes adorbs. But the unnamed source also claimed that Bea was chosen because it means "bringer of joy," and every baby naming site says that it actually means "voyager" or "blessed." But enough of my ranting. Here's what Twitter has to say about the rumor.

But seriously, what's wrong with Houston?

At least he agrees with me.

Same, girl, same.

OK, I'm kind of in love with this idea. Tell every nurse, janitor, and assistant a different set of names, and then if one gets reported, you know who to blame! I hope it's true.

That's what I'm saying!

I wish I was that gracious, but I'm really, really not.

Honestly, though, they're more believable than Sean and Bea. Now if only Beyoncé and JAY-Z would throw everybody a bone on Intstagram so this madness can finally end.