Hanna Andersson

OMG, Everyone's Favorite Hanna Andersson Pajamas Are Up To 50% Off Right Now

There’s nothing cuter than a baby or toddler in some bright and adorable patterned pajamas, at least to me anyway. Whenever I browse through Pinterest or see ads pop up on Facebook (because they’re always listening), I always see the perfect pajama set — and they have matching pajamas for the entire family, too. I always fall for it and have to click on the photo — and I always want to cry when I realize they’re the Hanna Andersson pajamas, because they’re usually out of my price range. But not today. Today there's a Hanna Andersson pajama sale.

You can save up to 50 percent during Hanna Andersson’s Spring Markdowns Pajama sale, and get 20 percent off of your first order with code NEW20. Oh, and if you spend $100, you’ll also get free shipping. What’s not to love about that? And with this fantastic sale, you will probably be getting that free shipping deal — just saying. This sale includes pajamas for babies, toddlers, adults, and even your pet. Who says it has to be Christmas to get photos done in matching pajamas? Why not do some cute spring and Easter photos in matching pajamas this year? I'm sure your entire family — including Fido — will love it.