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How One Stay-At-Home Mom Overcame Her Sense Of Postpartum Isolation


Ayanna Efiom has always known she wanted to be a wife, homemaker, and stay-at-home mom, but now more than ever before, the proud mom of 2-year-old Emilia knows firsthand that it really does take a village to raise a child. Shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Ayanna realized that since she became a mom, she had slowly isolated herself from her friends and her community, letting her own needs fall by the wayside. So when she and her husband Gregory settled in Los Angeles, Ayanna recognized that she had a unique opportunity to build the life and community she'd always envisioned for herself and her family.

She'll never say it was easy, but by reaching out to mom groups and by surrounding herself with like-minded, supportive women, slowly and surely Ayanna was able to begin building the life she'd always wanted. Becoming a mom is a truly unique experience for every woman, and there's no rule book that outlines the perfect way to parent, and no timeline that will ensure your personal fulfillment. To encourage moms everywhere to trust their own way in motherhood, we've partnered with Baby Dove to tell Ayanna's story. Check out the video below, and find more truthful, relatable content from moms like you in our Moms Unfiltered hub.

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