Experts Say The Super Blue Blood Moon Is *Def* Going To Affect Your Baby

Plenty of folks swear that Earth's moon has an influence over people. It's not unlikely to hear someone credit a full moon with unexplained, bizarre behavior. As a new parent, you might be wondering about how the Blue Moon affects your baby, because there are two scheduled for this year. What's more? This year marks a (potentially) once in a life time opportunity to witness a truly unique lunar event. On January 31, a trifecta of factors will result in a Super Blue Blood Moon. Now if that didn't get your stellar senses tingling, I don't know what will.

Chances are your baby won't be caught in your backyard howling at the night sky at the sight of a blue moon, but this rare lunar occurrence could have some sway over mood, according to astrology experts. "This Blue Moon, which simply means it's the second full moon in a month, is also a Supermoon, meaning it's closest to earth this year, and it's also a total lunar eclipse," astrologer Suzie Kerr Wright tells Romper in a recent interview via email. "This particular Super Blue Blood Moon is powerful because, in astrology, the moon rules our emotions — and when it is activated by so many events, we become 'activated', too." This doesn't just apply to adults who are in tune with the universe either.

Here's what experts have to say about how this full moon might affect your baby.


It Brings Completion

Has your little one been going through a phase? As it turns out, this lunar event might close the chapter on any habits or speed bumps. "Full Moons bring completions, it's kind of the wrap-up to each lunar cycle," Kerr Wright explains to Romper. "These are periods of time when things end and, more or less, 'right' themselves." Just remember that this phase will pass and your little one will be onto bigger and better things in no time.


It Has All The Feels

The moon has long served as a muse for many artists, so it's not surprising that one expert finds that lunar events like these bring out an inner creativity. "The Blue Moon can make your baby more sensitive, more emotional, and more intuitive," medium Amira Celon tells Romper. A little extra attention, patience, and reassurance can help your child navigate these emotional waters.


It Creates New Beginnings

If you've been eagerly anticipating the moment when your baby first crawls, walks, or reaches some other developmental milestone, the upcoming moon might be just the ticket. "This Blue Moon — specifically the Lunar Eclipse at 12 degrees of Leo — is concerned with new ideas and inventive ways of expression," astrologer Linda Furiate tells Romper. "There is a possibility that your baby may suddenly take their first steps, speaks their first words, and, for older babies, they may express a more advanced intellect and speak in fuller, more comprehensive sentences." Keep an eye out for anything new and make sure to nurture their growth.


It Throws Shade

"Your baby may suddenly change their habits or dislike something they always loved," Kerr Wright says. "For all babies and toddlers, this will be a period of personality shifts." So what role does the moon play in all of this? These types of lunar events, "show where you are out of balance, as well as illuminate pieces of yourself that you need to pay attention to," Kerr Wright further explains. There's not way to tell if the moon is actually to blame for negative behavior, but it would be nice to have an explanation handy for why your baby has gone into grumpy mode.


It Triggers Growing Pains

"Your baby may cry more or appear to be suffering more with cutting teeth," Celon tells Romper. "This is a growth process and signifies the end of something so it may be that the last tooth is cut for your baby or they are finishing a major growth spurt." Who knows? Your baby may get their set of canines in and channel their moon-loving wolf side. Or they could just drool a lot from teething.

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