How To Buy District Mot Kids Clothing

If you want your wee ones to both look good and do good all at the same time, say hello to District Mot Kids, a debut kids clothing line that puts a whole lot of soul into their work. The clothes feature alluring color palettes that you don't really see in children's clothing, and the effect is charming and stylish. Even better? District Mot Kids touts itself as "one baby helping another," as every purchase helps other babies. Sound intriguing? Here's how to buy District Mot Kids clothing, because a compassionate sense of fashion is a good look on any baby.

District Mot Kids is the passion project founded by Mimi Swain, whose "day job" is as Director of Channel Marketing for home security startup Ring, according to her LinkedIn profile. At the District Mot Kids website, Swain shares how her intriguing kids' line of fashion came to be. Swain is the daughter of immigrants who came to the United States in 1980 from District Mot in Saigon, Vietnam, and, as she puts it, "They inspire me every single day." The clothes are locally made using recycled fabrics with sustainable fibers, and with processes that are environmentally friendly.

But perhaps the coolest aspect of District Mot Kids is that it is a kids line of clothes giving back to other kids. From the website:

In addition, each sale will generate hope for another baby in need. Ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to charities dedicated to improving lives of babies. With every purchase at DMK, it is one baby helping another.


Swain just launched her online store last week, and right now, the only place to buy District Mot Kids clothing is through its online store — the clothes aren’t available from any major retailers yet, but here’s hoping they become available at larger stores. Honestly, with how ridiculously adorable these Vietnamese-inspired designs and colors are, it’s only a matter of time.

With clothes designed for babies from 0 to 18 months, District Mot Kids features gender-neutral designs with a mix of muted and bold colors, and funky patterns, too. Look for high quality soft fabrics like stretch cotton, rayon, and fleece. District Mot Kids also sells accessories including baby blankets and “Hello Baby” bundles, perfect for a totally on-trend baby shower gift. Seriously, these clothes are amazing looking.

Like this ruffle dress. People, I just can't.

True story: I would wear this, if it were available in 34-year-old big kid sizes.

Price points are reasonable too, especially given that District Mot Kids clothing is made in the United States with the environment and sustainability in mind, as well as putting some of its profits towards helping other babies. As a bonus, shipping is free on orders over $75 at the moment. There’s just something about District Mot Kids clothes that gives off that “chic celebrity baby” vibe without having to shell out celebrity prices.

And speaking of celebs, District Mot Kids got a big boost from actress Alyssa Milano, who featured the new kids’ clothing line on her Instagram account on Tuesday.

Editor’s Note: The Instagram post has since been deleted.

With clothes that look this good and do good at the same time, District MotKids is totally about to become the new baby fashion hotness.