How To Have Multiple Orgasms? 5 Tips To Getting All The Os

If an orgasm is your body's version of an earthquake, then multiple orgasms is a tsunami followed by a tornado on replay. I'll skip all other clever comparisons and get right to the good stuff, because as awesome as analogies can be, I understand that all you really want to know is how to have multiple orgasms. As you should. I dare anyone to read the phrase "multiple orgasms," and think to themselves, meh, I'll pass.

Why would you deny yourself the satisfaction of something your body was designed to do? This isn't just my opinion, it's stone cold science. According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, women do not experience a refractory period, which is like nature's sexual pause button. The refractory period is the recovery time between climax and the body returning to its normal state. Since woman do not have that sexual down time, it is possible to have orgasm after orgasm after . . . you get the picture.

But even though your body is made for many Os, it can't always happen without a little help from you and your partner. Check out these five steps to having multiple orgasms, and set aside some time for getting busy, because you're going to want every moment you can get.


Become A Believer

You've heard of mind over matter to overcome your fears, but that same mental state can help you keep those Os rolling. According to Shape magazine, the first step to achieving multiple orgasms is believing that you can. Yep, ladies — you can stop telling yourself once is enough and make your new mantra: "the more the merrier."


Work Out

We know the benefits of exercise, and you better believe working out your lady muscles will only make your climax stronger. Studies have shown that women who do kegels are more likely to orgasm multiple times, according to Redbook. This muscle contraction strengthens your pelvic floor and can even be done while you're getting some action to amp-up your pleasure.


Take A Tease

If you have your sights set on multi-Os, make sure you have enough time to experience the slow burn. Have your partner drag out foreplay and tease all your pleasure points, but not enough to climax, according to Cosmopolitan. This preps your body for all the good sensations that are on the way.


Get Your Zs

If you were looking for another reason to get more sleep, here's the best one yet. Being well rested might be the key that unlocks your ultimate pleasure. As Health Central pointed out, if you're overtired, you may want to drift into sleep after your first orgasm, but being rested will give you the energy to rack up orgasms.


Press The Repeat Button

Once you have the first orgasm, you don't need to get creative to have the next. According to Refinery 29, keep doing more of what it took to have the first orgasm, and you're more likely to have more follow.