8 Signs You're Definitely Nesting

Have daydreams of closet organizing replaced your Swedish Fish cravings? Has the unrelenting urge to nap been replaced by a newfound energy that makes you think cleaning the baseboards sounds like an awesome use of your time? If you've been wondering how to know if you're nesting, chances are you're smack in the middle of this pregnancy phase if you answered "yes" to the questions above, or have similar excited feelings about preparing your home for the arrival of your new bambino.

Although nesting may be new to you, it's a primal practice that has been happening since procreation first became a thing. Nesting began as " nature’s way of telling us it was time to ready the roost and circle the support," according to HuffPost. The theory is that ancient pregnant ancestors couldn't outrun a predator and would be safer staying close to the cave, readying the dwelling for baby. Though collecting animal skin and soft moss has been replaced by disinfecting the home and stockpiling casseroles in the freezer, the concept remains the same. Of course, the impulse to organize, clean, and prepare may be hardwired into your DNA. But if it's not, and the following eight traits sound familiar, then you may be in the nesting phase of pregnancy.


You're Cleaning Like A Mother. . . You KNow

According to Healthline, a strong urge to clean and prepare your home for your baby’s arrival is a sure sign you're in the nesting phase. This is probably why you can't seem to stop thinking about how much better the washing machine would be if only you scrubbed it down for a few hours.


You're Organizing All The Things

Arranging, rearranging, and re-rearranging may sound like a futile task, but it seems to make so much sense when you're at the end of your pregnancy. Organizing drawers and closets along with repositioning furniture is common for nesting mothers-to-be, as the American Pregnancy Association explained.


You're Craving Creature Comforts

With the arrival of your baby coming into view, you may find that you're more inclined to have night in on the couch with your besties rather than being out and about. A study published in the journal of Evolution and Human Behavior found that nesting women tend to retreat to the comfort of home and the company of familiar people.


You're Purging Your Possessions

If the sight of clutter is making you want to set half your belongings on fire, it's a good sign you've hit nesting. As prenatal and perinatal psychologist Dr. Carrie Contey told The Bump, getting rid of items is common in nesting since it is your way of making more space for the baby in your home and life.


You're Productive AF

Nesting time is notorious for getting sh*t done. If you feel like you've been pumped with a giant dose of vitamin B12 and can get more done in one day than most can in a week, this newfound productivity is stemming from your nesting stage, according to Mayo Clinic.


You Always Have Tissues

Although your home may be getting in tip-top shape, your feelings may be all over the place. When nesting, it's common for women to feel emotional about adding a baby to their life because the birth is so near, according to What To Expect. A sudden bought of emotion may well up with all that extra adrenaline, but most likely will pass quickly.


You Go Literal

You've made your nest, and now you want to stay in it. According to Parents magazine, "you may feel increasingly reluctant to leave your nest at all, shunning shopping trips and brunch with friends to putter around the house." Just try not to cut yourself off too much from the outside world. Stay in touch with friends and family who can support you in these final weeks.


You're Happy About Stockpiling

Loading up your pantry, closet, and freezer before baby arrives is a telltale sign of nesting, according to Babble. The feeling of being stocked with everything you need — and avoiding late night runs to the store after baby arrives — help to put your mind at ease.