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How To Pay Tribute To Carrie Fisher On Facebook

With the news of Carrie Fisher's death at age 60 shocking the world, many fans are wondering how to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher on Facebook. An iconic actress known for portraying everyone's favorite badass feminist, Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, Fisher deserves being immortalized on social media.

Because Fisher was every bit as badass as Princess Leia. An advocate for mental health, a form of support for those suffering from addiction, and a key player in as breaking down the stigmas facing those suffering in life, she has been every bit of a hero as her famous character.

As an active social media user, Fisher had been able to keep in touch with her fans through Twitter, where she often used emojis to write out entire updates and share pictures. She hadn't been as active on her own Facebook page, but there are plenty of ways to figure out how to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher on the social media platform. Whether you were a huge fan of Star Wars or simply loved the insight and wisdom Fisher has shared over the years about addiction, rehab, body image, and mental illness, it's time to give her a perfect send-off into a galaxy far, far away. Rest easy, Carrie Fisher, and thank you for all you have done.


Share Memes

Because what better way to share your love for Fisher than with a meme or two on Facebook? Whether they are ones that highlight her advocacy for others or simply have her in the iconic Princess Leia hair buns with a funny saying, fill your feed with the beauty and wisdom of Fisher.


Share Charities That Support Mental Health Awareness

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Fisher specifically suffered from bipolar disorder and she was not ashamed of it. According to The Huffington Post, Fisher shared the realities of mental health conditions and was not quiet about her struggles and how it affected her. But she also believed anybody could do anything, despite any mental health problems they suffered from, and was truly an advocate for those who needed one. Find a charity that supports mental health, like the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation which has an impact on bipolar disorder, and share it on Facebook. Start donations or a challenge to get others involved.


Change Your Profile Picture To One Of Princess Leia


Princess Leia was more than just a princess — she was a hero. Left with nothing at the beginning of her adventure, no family, no friends, she had only herself and she was still determined to fight for others. There's no doubt that Fisher derived some strength for Leia through her own spirit, which makes the iconic character even more necessary for young girls. Leia didn't wait for anyone to save her and neither should the rest of the world. Change your profile picture to celebrate the feminism of Princess Leia and all that Fisher did for women around the world.


Fill Your Statuses With Empowering, Badass Quotes From Carrie Fisher

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Whether they were about battling mental illness or feminism, Fisher had some really empowering quotes. Change your status to share one or two of them and maybe they'll have the same impact on someone else as they have had on you. One of my favorites? Romper reported that in an interview with Rolling Stone, Fisher said, "and once it was proposed to me that it was all right to be like I am, I finally quit apologizing for it." You go, girl.


Share Information On Body Dysmorphia

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You never know who might need it. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Fisher said that she suffered from body dysmorphia, which isn't an easy topic to bring up. But so many others suffer silently, so find information about the disorder and share it to bring awareness and hope to others. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America has some great information and resources for body dysmorphia, which is the perfect starting point for finding things to share on Facebook.


Share A Picture Of Your Dog

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Carrie Fisher had an incredible companion — her dog, Gary. Fisher often shared pictures and stories about Gary and the pup even has his own Twitter account. Gary was often seen walking the red carpet with Fisher and, according to People, was at her side when she was hospitalized after the heart attack. In honor of Gary, Fisher's love for him and all dogs, share a photo of your own little pup to fill the Facebook news feed.


Share Information About Midnight Mission

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Fisher was honored with the Golden Heart Award by The Midnight Mission, a foundation that helps with recovery, jobs, education, and development programs for those experiencing homelessness. She believed in the organization, so help keep it going by sharing information about it and where others can donate.