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How To Respond To An Instagram Post Using A Photo Or Video, Because This Update Is Seriously Cool


Yet another Instagram update has been released and it is way cool. The latest roll-out allows users to send responses to friends' stories in a number of ways, and, fortunately for those of us who are less tech-savvy, the brains behind the operation explained how to respond to an Instagram post using a photo or a video, so there's no fretting if you can't figure it out on your own. Yes, that's right: With this new update, users can respond directly to the daily stories posted by their friends and communicate in a whole new way.

If a user feels moved by a friend's story and wants to reply with a photo, video, or Boomerang response, he or she need only tap the added camera icon at the bottom left of the screen while the story is playing. Once this is done, you are in "camera reply mode" and can use all of Instagram's fun features to personalize the response, such as filters, stickers, and Rewind.

According to the Instagram blog, the story responses will slide into a recipient's Direct Messages inbox. Much like the app's other disappearing photo and video messages, the sender will be notified if you replay or screenshot their response to your story.

Prior to this update, the only way to respond to Instagram stories was through written direct messages, much the same as on the Snapchat app story replies. The newest Instagram feature allows users to show their friends how they feel instead of just telling them.

Perhaps the best part of the new update is the added creativity that it adds to Insta-interactions. Users can feel free to make their responses as ridiculous as they want — silly sticker selfies are totally acceptable — as the responses disappear as soon as they are played once.

The update was announced over on Instagram's blog, as well as in (what else) an Instagram post. The new story responses are another step towards allowing users to further personalize their interactions over the popular social media site. A spokesperson from Instagram stated:

Today's update is just one of the ways we're working to make Direct the best place to have fun, visual conversations with friends on Instagram.

As a photo sharing platform, visual conversations are the essence of Instagram. These interactions are what distinguish the site from the numerous other options in social media.

An important caveat of the new feature: be sure to update your app before looking for the camera icon. It is only available on Instagram version 10.28 and above for iOS and for Android. Good luck, and happy 'Gramming!