How To Rewatch 'Stranger Things' Season 2 Trailer

If you're anything like me, you're watching the Super Bowl for three reasons: Gaga, commercials, and the Stranger Things Season 2 trailer. Now that the trailer has finally aired, you're going to want to watch it again. Luckily, how to rewatch the Stranger Things Season 2 trailer is easy, which is good because once is just not enough, to be completely honest.

It became clear that Stranger Things was going to be renewed for a second season as soon as it aired. The reception was immediately enormous as people became diehard fans as soon as they began watching (myself included). Thankfully, we actually got to see the much anticipated Stranger Things Season 2 trailer during the 2017 Super Bowl. It was a short trailer, and mostly filled just with waffles and evocative clips, which are simply begging to be parsed and re-parsed to death until the season finally airs. Is Eleven still alive? (She was seen opening her eyes with her iconic nosebleed.) What is Will really like now that he's back from the Upside Down? Will Barb be miraculously revived like Jon Snow (unlikely)?

We all have so many questions. Luckily, the trailer is already up on Youtube, and can be watched obsessively until the next vague trailer is finally released. You can, of course, still re-binge watch all of Season 1 as well.

So far, all I've really been able to gather from this trailer so far is that Eleven is probably definitely still alive. Like I said, that is a very specific nosebleed I'm seeing right there. Also, the only word spoken in the trailer is Mike screaming Eleven's name. We all kind of knew that she was coming back, but it's nice to have it all but confirmed.

But like any good trailer, this one raises more questions than it really answers. So Eleven is back, but where exactly is she? Are they going to have to rescue her from the institute, or is she going to become so powerful she busts her way out? What's that big spider-looking thing that appears to be taking over the world and turning it into darkness? Why is Dustin dressed like one of the Ghostbusters? Where is Nancy? Obviously, we're going to have to wait until the season finally airs next fall on Halloween. (An appropriate premiere date if there ever was one.) Until then, we're going to have to satisfy ourselves with formulating wild and yet convincing theories about the actual plot. Luckily, we can watch and rewatch this trailer until our hearts' contents. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some more speculating to do.