How To Watch JAY-Z’s "Family Feud" Video, Because Beyoncé Looks Fierce AF

Whenever JAY-Z and Beyoncé release a creative project (or anything for that matter), it's always a really big deal. Both Beyoncé and JAY-Z are two of the most respected musicians in the game, after all, and they're a power couple that demands attention. So, it's really no surprise that people are freaking out about JAY-Z's upcoming music video for "Family Feud" featuring Beyoncé. Fans want to know all the details about the exciting project, especially where it concerns how to watch JAY-Z's "Family Feud" video. If you're a major JAY-Z and Beyoncé stan, you definitely want to participate in this exciting event.

Tidal, a subscription-based music streaming service owned by JAY-Z, announced via Twitter that the music video for "Family Feud" will drop on Friday. The thrilling announcement teased a preview of the video, and by the looks of it, it's going to be a family affair from start to finish.

In the first few seconds of the video, JAY-Z and his beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy, are seen walking down the aisle of a church. The preview then cuts to Beyoncé dressed up in a black and white priest-like getup, and from there, the viewer is shown an unidentified couple fighting in a hotel room. The clip ends with JAY-Z sitting in a confessional booth, and Beyoncé is aptly seated on the priest's side.

Of course, it's natural for fans to assume that the preview clip is making heavy-handed references to JAY-Z's infidelity, especially given the symbolism of the confessional box. Since it's not everyday that JAY-Z and Beyoncé collaborate on music videos about the low points of their marriage, people are especially interested to see "Family Feud."

The good news is it's not difficult to get a hold of the video when it drops on Friday at 4:44 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, according to Variety. All you have to do to watch is sign up for Tidal's ad-free trial subscription, which is a new promotion that will be available until Jan. 5, according to Fortune.

And if you sighed when you read "trial subscription," I totally understand. I get charged all the time for trial subscriptions I forget to cancel, and it can be really frustrating and expensive to deal with.

What's great about Tidal's new promotion, however, is that you don't have to enter your credit card information when you sign up for the free trial. So, if you're really itching to see "Family Feud," it makes a lot of sense to sign up for the trial subscription.

Not to mention, if you sign up for the trial , you'll have access to all of Tidal's services for an entire week. Tony Gervino, Tidal's VP of culture & content said of the promotion's benefits, according to Billboard:

Heading into 2018, we’re looking forward to giving Tidal members more access and a high-quality soundtrack to everyday life. We value what music and music culture means to people and trust this preview will give music fans a taste of the elevated music experience that Tidal is offering its customers.

If you do decide to try out Tidal's promotion, don't forget to download the actual app. Tidal is available for download on PCs and Macs, web players, iPhones, and Androids, according to the company's website. Translation: You can download the app on any device of your choosing.

Once you have Tidal downloaded, all you have do is set your alarm for 4:44 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday. Sounds simple enough, right?

And if you rather not deal with Tidal, I bet Twitter will have plenty of stills and clips for you to feast your eyes on once "Family Feud" drops. The Beyhive never disappoints, people.

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