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'Baby Jane' Wasn't Joan Crawford's Only Horror Film

In case you’ve been watching Feud for more than just the reenactment of the famous black and white horror movie What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, there is still plenty to say about the two leading ladies after their on-screen team-up — especially in regards to Joan Crawford and her career after the famous film. Her movie following Baby Jane was called Strait-Jacket and since it was her next big project, fans are likely going to be wondering how to watch Strait-Jacket now in the present day.

Now that filming and the aftermath of filming What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? has wrapped on Feud, viewers are likely asking what’s next to fill up the remainder of the season. Since Strait-Jacket was the next big horror movie for Crawford, there’s no reason to not want to go out and stream it right away to continue to get the full Crawford effect during that classic Hollywood era.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to watch Strait-Jacket online without paying a pretty penny for it. Because, honestly, shelling out $2.99 or so to stream another one of Joan’s famous horror movies that is so awesomely dramatic and creepy is well worth your time and money, especially if you're a horror movie buff.

Unfortunately, unlike some black and white movies, you probably won’t be able to find Strait-Jacket on YouTube in its entirety without paying to rent it, but even then, it’s only $2.99, and to stream Strait-Jacket on Amazon Video or Vudu, it’s the same affordable price. Much like Crawford’s Baby Jane production, Strait-Jacket was marked as a thriller with a movie poster that promised to "vividly depict ax murders."

Crawford may not have received praise from the Academy for her performance in What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, but that doesn't mean she didn't shine in this particular genre. Quite the contrary, actually. And this film gave her yet another opportunity to stretch those acting chops, only this time she was the character who becomes unhinged and prone to murder. In Strait-Jacket, Crawford played a woman released from an insane asylum after serving 20 years for a double murder crime, but can’t seem to shake her homicidal ways. Even by today’s standards, it seems totally creepy and I like to think that’s because Crawford helped make the part into a truly memorable role.

There are still three episodes left of of Feud this season, which will give fans enough time to not only continue to learn about Crawford’s career after Baby Jane, but also very possibly give us insight into her horror movie that came next.