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This Gorgeous New Custom Furniture Line For Kids Is From A Design Duo You Love

Not so very long ago, moms and dads with a passion for design faced a significant challenge in finding stylish furniture for kids: Loud, primary colors and garish plastic prevailed, as did instantly recognizable cartoon characters and other clichéd patterns and accents that were, well, not particularly minimalist. Thankfully, modern home decor has since made its way to the masses, and Interior Define's new collaboration with Monica +Andy on the Gray kids' furniture line is the perfect marriage of hip design and functionality. Maybe because it's the brainchild of a married couple?

Custom-furniture brand Interior Define's founder, Rob Royer, and Monica + Andy founder and CEO Monica Royer share more than an eye for design; they also share a child and a last name. Just like the launch of Monica + Andy was inspired by Monica's pregnancy with their daughter, so has the Gray kids' furniture collection developed as a natural response to Rob and Monica's ever-changing family life.

“Rob and I are both passionate over what we do — he in furniture design and myself in the children’s space,” said Monica in a press release.

“Given that we are evolving into a lifestyle brand for new parents through fun collaborations, kids' chairs and sofas seemed like a perfect and opportunistic next step.”

Coutesy of Interior Define

“Monica and I have discussed fun ways for our brands to collaborate for the past couple of years,” Rob was quoted as saying in the same release. “Beyond the familial bond, we launched at roughly the same time and maintain a similar focus on building better customer experiences in our categories. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Monica and her team.”

You'll be pretty excited when you see the results, too, especially if you like Interior Define’s popular Gray line. These kid-specific pieces are essentially scaled-down versions of the originals, upholstered or slipcovered in four different choices of fabric from Monica + Andy: Blue Stripe, Grey Stripe, Palm, and Peace Out.

The line isn't offering a huge range of options, but think quality over quantity: There's a ridiculously cute sofa, which, at 50 inches wide, is definitely big enough for a few little ones to hang out on together. Shown above in Palm and below in Peace Out, the couch will set you back $800... and like the other pieces, it's available on the Interior Define website.

Courtesy of Interior Define

There's also a cozy and sturdy-but-stylish chair at 37 inches wide ($500), plus an even larger sectional sofa with right chaise ($1300), both of which are available in all the same prints as the sofa. If you're looking to furnish a large playroom, you could go so far as to buy all three pieces in three different patterns; they complement each other so well, you'll have plenty of mix-and-match options. (The kid-size throw pillows are super cute, too.) As the release explained, these products "retain the solid construction and seaming of the original" and are made from high-density hypoallergenic foam; they're also safety-tested and all slipcovers are machine-washable (you know that's a big deal if you've ever had a child and a couch in the same house).

Monica + Andy's "multichannel brand" launched in 2014 and has been steadily gaining fans ever since. All products are made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton, a feature "which not only speaks to quality of the clothing, but also to the conditions of the workers who make it," according to the press release. So while this line might seem pricey when you compare it the average kid-centric furniture, it's not at all pricey for custom furniture made with super high-quality materials. Plus, these could easily last through a few siblings at least (especially since you can toss those slipcovers in the machine).

Just be warned: If you don't already own anything from Interior Define's adult-sized Gray line, you almost definitely will soon after adding one of these children's pieces to your home.