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Corinne Is Doing Well For Herself After 'Bachelor'

Corinne Olympios, possible voodoo priestess and professional nanny-haver, has been a major focus on this season of The Bachelor. Between her super sexual chemistry with Nick Viall and her tension with the other women, she's quickly become the most popular "character" on the show. For every fan that can't stand her antics, there's another that absolutely loves her and wants to see her go far on the show. Obviously, viewers are looking for any hints about Corinne's post-Bach life, like her relationship status. But are there any clues about whether Corinne is single after The Bachelor?

Since the season is still currently airing, most of the contestants who have yet to be eliminated are keeping their personal lives under wraps. No surprise there — that's business as usual, each and every season. After all, they need to maintain the illusion, week to week, that they might be engaged to Nick, for those viewers who avoid reading spoilers.

Corinne isn't particularly Twitter-happy, but she does post quite a bit on Instagram. For what it's worth, since returning from filming and resuming her Instagramming on Nov. 23 while on vacation in Haiti, Corinne hasn't posted a single photo with any man in it. For the most part, she's been sharing modeling shots and tons of pics hanging out with her younger sister Taylor, her friends, and, interestingly, tons of her fellow Bachelor contestants.

While it's totally possible that Corinne might be dating someone (or engaged to Nick!) on the down-low, by all appearances, she seems to be single post-Bachelor. In fact, it seems like she's not interested in focusing on her love life at the moment — instead, she's putting her energy into hanging with her family and building her brand with modeling gigs and TV appearances. On Wednesday, she even appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Clearly, Corinne is doing pretty well for herself, single or not! There is, of course, one small twist in the "Is Corinne still single?" story though.

As ET Online pointed out, Instagram star "Girl With No Job" (aka, Claudia Oshry) posted a photo with Corinne (above), where it appeared that the Bachelor "villain" was sporting a large diamond ring — on her engagement ring finger! Fans quickly flew into a frenzy, wondering whether this could possibly mean that Corinne won Nick's heart in the end (or that she got engaged to someone else in the few months since getting back from filming). Claudia (and Corinne's mom) cleared the air, explaining that it was all a joke — the ring was actually Claudia's, who recently got engaged and she had been letting people try it on.

Corinne is doing a good job of keeping her relationship status vague, and honestly, I've got to admire that about her. Despite what you think of her on-screen personality and antics, there's no denying that Corinne has taken charge of how the public perceives her and how she's been portrayed and put all that to work for her. Her relationship status is currently the least interesting thing she's got going on.