Is Publix Open On July 4th 2019? They're Not Pulling Any Surprises


Whether you're having a small family dinner or a big gala barbecue in your backyard this July 4th, it's vital to know what your food resources are, especially if you are super-busy or a high-level procrastinator and can't shop until the big day. The image of a July 4th backyard, beach, or park extravaganza is a strong one and what better way to celebrate our nation's independence than by eating too much? Ideally you will have planned and shopped days before, but if you can't, it's good to know if Publix is open on July 4th ahead of time, so you're not stuck driving around in search of an open grocery store?

Great news — not only is Publix open that day, but they are open regular store hours, Maria, a Publix Customer Care Agent told Romper. According to Maria, they will be featuring their weekly specials and many are bound to be holiday-related, including barbecue options, like sauces and meats. She suggests keeping an eye out for your weekly circular before you plan your menu to see what's available and, even better, what's on sale.

What would the holiday be without a yummy, holiday-themed dessert? If you're feeling crafty, you can throw together an easy-to-make flag cake using cake mix (or pound cake), vanilla frosting or whipped cream, and strawberries and blueberries for the stars and stripes. If you want a little assistance and are looking for a specially decorated, fun cake for your barbecue, you can custom order a cake online as long as you give them 24 hour notice. If you want to go one better and have Publix cater your whole meal, you can work with an in-store caterer in those stores that have one (currently five in Florida and one in Virginia), or order your meal online and then pick it up on July 4. You don't even have to leave your couch to "prepare" a feast, from appetizers to main courses and from side dishes to dessert. Looking for ways to add July 4th "color" to the barbecue? Add some red grenadine to your drinks, sprinkle the plate with blueberries, create a mozzarella and tomato platter, or serve a giant bowl of whipped cream with dessert.

Publix on YouTube

Publix must have realized that not all of us are born natural chefs, so they started Publix Aprons. Not only do they have Aprons Cooking Schools at select Publix locations, but their website has 2279 different recipes for you to follow. You can use them to cook everything from a Berry Bourbon Smash to Vegetarian Green Chili to Creamy Pickle Dip and, if you set up an account on their website, you can save the recipes that look interesting to you. So if you see something that looks fabulous, but don't think it works for your July 4th celebration, you can tuck it away for another time. Publix Aprons even has a Publix You Tube channel if you want to be able to see videos of the dishes being cooked. You can also learn basic instruction on things like "How to carve a ham" (below) and "How to make turkey gravy." A little cooking coaching can sometimes go a long way!

According to their website, Publix has 1187 locations throughout the southeastern United States, including Alabama, Florida (787 stores!), Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennesse, and Virginia so if you live in these states, odds are you'll have a Publix somewhere nearby. That way when you wake up on July 4th morning and learn your partner has invited 35 of your closest friends and you have to feed them, help will be just a ride to Publix away.

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