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Is Ryan Up To Something On 'Notorious'? He's A Bit Suspicious

Everyone on Notorious is morally ambiguous. No one's all good and no one's all bad and everyone seems to have their own ulterior motive. When Ryan Mills was first forced upon Julia because his dad runs the network, Julia was less than enthusiastic, which is why Ryan has been pushing the limit, trying to prove himself. Ryan refuses to just be a pretty rich boy that gets places because his father is a higher up but lately it seems he may be taking things too far. Is Ryan up to something on Notorious or is he really just trying to help Julia?

For now Ryan's motives seem to be pretty clear. He's trying to break out from under his father's thumb. Although it was his father that got him the job at Louise Herrick Live it's clear he's no longer willing to take any favors from his father. Julia found him sleeping on the couch in her office and has since directed him to find somewhere else to live. Besides refusing to live under his father's roof Ryan has also made it his mission to prove to Julia that he's actually a good investment. From sneaking into the Keaton house to snap a picture of Sarah Keaton's dead body to hacking into Levi's files, Ryan is willing to break the law to get to the truth.

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Still, what if Ryan isn't getting to the truth anymore but fabricating it? He claims he broke into the Keaton house after Sarah was murdered but how do we know that's true? Also, if he was nearby when Sarah was murdered how didn't he see the murderer get away? It seems very likely that Ryan is Sarah's killer but if that's true one has to wonder why Ryan would kill Sarah? As far as we know Ryan didn't know Sarah and had no connection to her. Ryan doesn't have motive unless there's more to Ryan than we can currently know.

Another possibility is that Ryan is actually closer to his father than he claims. He could be a spy, checking in on Julia and reporting back to his father about what Julia's doing. This does seem a little doubtful though, especially because Ryan didn't take the opportunity to warn his father about Julia's plans to reveal the truth about that rockstar on the previous episode. If Ryan is a spy for his father he's doing a terrible job.

Right now it does truly seem like Ryan is just trying to be of service to Julia, even if he is going about it the wrong way. However, there is something about Ryan that just feels a bit off. We'll just have to wait and see if there's really more to Ryan than meets the eye.