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Is Safeway Open On July 4th 2019? There's Always Something You Need At The Last Minute


It's almost July 4th and while you can't control the weather for your get together, you can make sure you have all the food and drinks you need. Some folks think the holiday isn't complete without some grill time. Others rely more on salads or sandwiches. For many the food isn't as central as the fun, but if you are hosting or even bringing a dish to a potluck, it's nice to put your best culinary foot forward. One vital thing for preparation is scoping out where you can shop, so it's good to know if Safeway is open on July 4th or if you will need to make other plans.

Great news for planners and procrastinators alike — most of the Safeway locations are open regular hours on July 4th, according to their site, though it does not specify which locations exactly, so it's in your best interest to call ahead. Some of their affiliates (Acme, Vons, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Carrs) may have modified hours so it's good to either check the website or call the store directly. The stores are already stocking up on all of the holiday must-haves like pork ribs, steak, and ground turkey, and offering some discounts. The sales are so good you can grab some and then freeze them for the big celebration. The July 4th section of Safeway's website not only includes current deals on food, but if you scroll toward the bottom you will find recipes for everything from Easy Grilled Chicken Wing Trio dish to Brown Rice Salad With Capers and Greek Feta Vinaigrette, and even dessert like these adorable Grilled Cherry Packets With Maple And Graham Cracker Crumble. Want something a little simper? Try the Coconut and Lime Corn. There are so many different recipes you are sure to find several things to please your crowd.

If you are crazy busy, have little ones, or just find it hard to get to the store, you may be in luck. Some Safeway stores offer an online ordering service with delivery right to your house or the ability to pick up in store. How great is it to be able to pick something up without having to unbuckle car seats and drag the kids into the store? Not every store has it, so you need to check if there's a store in your area that offers these services before you depend on them. If you are really a procastinator, some areas also have Instacart available for rush delivery.

Safeway knows that it's not so easy to sit with a newspaper and clip coupons anymore (does anyone even still do that?), so they allow you to create an account and use digital coupons, with their Just For U program. This is a great thing for everyone, especially those of us who know the feeling of getting to the store and realizing you forgot the coupons at home. They also have a feature that allows you to build your shopping list, either using by searching their Coupons and Deals and clicking on things that you want or adding your own items. The best feature? If you find a recipe you like, you can click on "Add Ingredients To List" and everything you need goes straight to the list. Then, when you are ready to shop, you can either print your list or email it to yourself. If you really don't want to forget the list at home, the email feature is perfect for you.

Holiday entertaining can get kind of stressful, especially if you are juggling a kid or three, so it's great when a supermarket understands that and not only gives you some much-appreciated discounts, but helps with recipes, easy-to-make shopping lists, and has holiday hours for those last minute pick ups, because even the most Type-A, perfect planner sometimes forgets that they've run out of ketchup.

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