Whoa: This New J. Crew Kids' Line Is On Amazon & Everything Is $30 Or Less

If your kids are anything like mine, they grow out of, or otherwise destroy, clothing at a rate that can only be described as "disturbing." Thankfully, there are tons of great options for children's clothing lines out there that cater to every taste and price point, whether you want easy breezy primary colors only, or something decidedly dressier. For years, J. Crew has been elevating kid's fashion through its crewcuts line. Now, they've added an affordable new line available on everyone's favorite website at a vastly lower price point. LOOK by crewcuts are on Amazon, making the stylishly preppy line more accessible to kids across the U.S.

I've had the great good fortune to shop (more frequently than I should) at the J. Crew very near my workplace in Manhattan, and while I've ventured to the back of the store where the crewcuts clothing resides, I've never been able to pull the trigger on those purchases. Why? Because they're expensive AF for something that I know for sure will get covered in pudding and won't fit my child in a matter of months. But I long for the adorable styles and flattering cuts of the preppy pret a porte of crewcuts. Now, thanks to the new LOOK by crewcuts line, I can get the adorable quality clothing at a third of the cost, and delivered to me in two days. There are over 30 pieces in the collection on Amazon, and nothing is over $30. It's a huge win.

Here are some of the pieces I'm eyeing.

1.LOOK by Crewcuts Girls' Fleece Dress

This dress looks so cozy. It's a three season dress, perfect for cooler spring or fall days, and excellent when paired with a pair of leggings or tights when it's cold outside. Guaranteed my daughter would want to wear this black and white striped dress with the loudest, most colorful tights in her closet.

LOOK by Crewcuts Girls' Short Sleeve Heart Stripe T-Shirt

This t-shirt is giving me such spring feelings. It's the perfect mint green stripe with overlaying hearts, and I can picture it with a cardigan for warmth or a cute hoodie. I would pair it with jeans, but knowing my daughter, this tee would get the full tutu and sparkling Chuck Taylor treatment, because she won't be held down by conventional fashion norms.

LOOK by Crewcuts Boys' Side Stripe Sweatpant

My son loathes jeans. He won't wear anything but track pants and sweats. These are smart looking sweatpants that will undoubtedly become a favorite. If they are anywhere near as soft as J. Crew's sweats that I so adore, it's going to be hard to get him out of these.

4.LOOK by Crewcuts Boys' Long Sleeve Gingham Shirt

This is the absolute perfect spring pictures button down. I would even let my son pair it with the above sweatpants, which is the tween equivalent of a business mullet. All business up top, all soft on bottom.

LOOK by Crewcuts Girls' Chambray Shirt Dress

I don't know what it is about little kids in chambray dresses, but I love the whole look. I especially love them with leopard print or floral scarves. They're also super cute with a bandana tied in your child's hair or a big hair bow. I'd love to see this with white tights and bright yellow rain boots.

LOOK by Crewcuts Boys' 2-Pack Knit Pull-On Shorts

Sweatpants as shorts. That means every child from here to the other side of the planet would like wearing these. I know they're marketed to boys, but in reality, girls would love the navy shorts as well. And honestly, my daughter would rock the heck out of the camo with a bright shirt on top.

LOOK by Crewcuts Girls' Critter Hoodie

Look at those adorable ears on that star hoodie. My daughter is going to go gaga over that little detail. It comes in several colors, but the navy is my favorite — although I think my daughter will be partial to the heather gray.