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'Jane The Virgin' Wedding Theories To Obsess Over

Jane the Virgin fans are so not OK after the tragic death at the end of last Monday's episode. But Michael's unexpected demise wasn't the only shocking event that occurred in "Chapter Fifty-Four." Moments after Jane got news of her husband's death, the show skipped ahead three years into the future, with Jane and a suddenly talking Mateo getting ready for a wedding. Well, buckle up, because I've got Jane the Virgin wedding theories a-plenty to take your mind off of all the Michael-related sads.

The three-year jump is surprising, but it opens up an interesting new format for the series as it heads into "Part Three" of Jane's story. The show has always started with a flashback of some sort, but typically it was to Jane's childhood. Now, according to the show creator Jennie Snyder Urman, the show will be switching back and forth between the new "present day" (three years after Michael has died) and the intervening time, in order to "fill in the gaps" and catch viewers up on what's happened. Urman revealed in an interview with Deadline that the next three episodes flash back to the immediate aftermath of Michael's death. In the same interview, Urman also said that we'd learn whose wedding Mateo and Jane are heading to within "the first minutes of the next episode."

Well, Monday at 9:05 p.m. ET is still too long for impatient me to wait, so here are a few likely (and less likely) options for which two characters are set to walk down the aisle.

Rafael & Petra

Rafael and his ex-wife have certainly had their differences (like, um, blackmail and extortion). But as of the most recent episode, they were in a good, supportive place, co-parenting their twin girls like champs. The only rub is that Petra and Jane's mutual baby-daddy is set to go to prison — but hey, he'll most likely be out by the time of the three-year jump! And perhaps he and Petra ~bonded~ during his stint in jail.

Rafael & Catalina

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Last we saw Catalina, she'd been told to leave by Rafael after she told a series of very shady lies. Their relationship seemed to be done and over with, but who's to say she didn't come back and reconnect with him sometime during those missing years?

Xiomara & Bruce

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Xo and Bruce were making progress with his nasty daughter "Scary Tess" in getting the teen to accept their relationship. Xo even told Jane and Alba that she and Bruce had discussed moving in together. The next logical step would be marriage.

Xiomara & Rogelio

Listen, I'm still holding out hope for Xo and Ro to make their way back to one another. If he and Darci did conceive a child within those three years and managed to successfully co-parent without a romantic relationship, that would solve everything. Rogelio would have the child he desperately wants, and it would free him up to be with Xo once again in three years' time. Bonus points: It would be an excellent parallel to Jane's familial situation.

Rogelio & Darci

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At the end of "Chapter Fifty-Four," Darci and Rogelio had embarked on a romantic relationship — set to be broadcast on reality TV. If all goes well, the next step could be a splashy, Rogelio-style wedding, also broadcast for their reality show, of course. "The De La Vega Factor Factor: Live Wedding Event" does have a certain ring to it.

Luisa & "Eileen" (AKA, Rose)

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"Eileen" was super excited at the prospect of doing "normal" things with Luisa, for once. As dysfunctional as they are, there's no denying that these two are definitely in love. And how epically telenovela-ish would it be for the characters to discover "Eileen's" true identity (and that Luisa knew and kept Rose a secret) right in the middle of their wedding?

Alba & Her Marbella Gift Shop Co-Worker

Alright, so I couldn't even find a decent enough screenshot of Jane's abuela and her Marbella Gift Shop co-worker/crush. Clearly, their relationship hadn't advanced very far pre-time jump. But it'll have been three years when we pick up, and a lot can change in that amount of time.

Personally, Alba and the gift shop employee (whose name I can't for the life of me recall) is the duo I'm rooting for and the wedding I'm hoping to see. Alba deserves romance, Jane the Virgin writers! Get to it.