Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

Jimmy Fallon Takes On A Great New Role On 'SNL'

Jimmy Fallon returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend after spending way too much time away from the soundstage. For the cold open, Jimmy Fallon played Jared Kushner and it was definitely the perfect, hysterical choice. The sketch started out with Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump sitting in the Oval Office, reminiscing with Vice President Mike Pence about the first 100 days he's spent in office (and in Mar-a-Lago, of course).

Trump opened the sketch trying to talk to Pence, played quite perfectly by Beck Bennett. He wanted to reminisce about all the great things he's done in his first 100 days and judge North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's haircut. Smartly, Pence helped America avoid a nuclear war and reminded the president that there's been distractions at home, too. Namely the infighting between Trump's top advisors Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon. Trump called them in to have a little talk with them. Bannon was again represented by the Grim Reaper, which was pretty hysterical. But Fallon as Kushner was so perfect, it's a wonder that no one's thought of it before.

Fallon wore khakis, a blue blazer, some dark shades and looked like he just got off a helicopter from somewhere in fancy Connecticut. He also wore a military style vest, to make sure viewers remembered that Kushner is being sent all over the world, acting as a sort de facto Secretary of State.

What's perfect is that Fallon had absolutely no lines at all, he just nodded his head and shyly took all of his father-in-law's compliments. It was so on point — since the American voters really never, ever (like ever) get to hear Kushner speak in public, even though he has a very important role in the White House.

It turned into a reality show-type finale, with Trump holding a card that would reveal who got to stay on at their job and who was getting fired. The president lauded Fallon's Kushner for being so perfect at showing how if you're born wealthy and marry into the Trump family, one can really accomplish things in life. Zing! Still, Fallon didn't speak. Ultimately, as in real life, Trump chose his son-in-law, namely because he just "looks so darn good in pictures."

The cold open was one of the better ones recently and hit on so many points about the Trump administration. Just like Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy keep coming back to reprise their Trump and "Spicey" characters, let's hope SNL keeps inviting Fallon back to stand in the corner of sketches and look pretty as Kushner. It was just that good.