Jimmy Fallon's Limited-Edition WubbaNubs Look Like Dada Cow & Mama Penguin

Call it a binky, a lovie, a nubbie — if you have a little one who can't live without it, you know the importance of having a pacifier around. Your favorite late night show host also knows just how essential this piece of parenting equipment is, and Jimmy Fallon's limited-edition WubbaNubs are proof.

Inspired by The Tonight Show host's New York Times Bestselling children's books Everything is MAMA and Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA, Fallon and WubbaNub have teamed up to bring parents everywhere two new plush pacifiers for their kids to drool over. (Quite literally.) Both the lovable DADA Moo Cow and MAMA Penguin from Fallon's books are now available in WubbaNub form to help your child's tiny little fingers keep a firm grasp on their beloved binky.

When it comes time to keeping you child's pacifier in plain sight, WubbaNubs are the perfect solution to the magic disappearing act that befalls most binkies. (For some reason, these tiny life-savers always end up burrowed deep within couch cushions or kicked underneath car seats, lost forever into the abyss, with a screaming baby not far behind.)

As a parent himself, Fallon seems to totally get this all-too-familiar struggle, and the stars of his hilarious picture books make absolutely perfect plush pals for your babe. Whether you choose a DADA Moo Cow or MAMA Penguin, your child's pacifier will never be far from their reach with a WubbaNub.

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With bulging googly eyes and an adorable spotted coat, the DADA Moo Cow WubbaNub is on a mission to make sure that your child's first word is "dada." He'll stop at nothing to ensure that the two-syllable verbiage that first graces your baby's lips is his very own moniker — even if those lips are currently squeezed tight around their pacifier.

Equally as adorable, the MAMA Penguin WubbaNub's wide, expressive eyes watch over your little one like only a mama can. With just a flick of her flippers, your tiny tot will be forever mesmerized by the one and only MAMA Penguin.

Not only do these two designs bring Fallon's fun book character to life, they also tout the same safety features parents know and love from the WubbaNub brand. Each plush is made from an ultra-soft cotton blend and attaches to a medical-grade silicone pacifier, free from latex, BPA, and phthalates. The pacifier included with each plush is recommended for infants ages 0 to 6 months.

This unique collaboration isn't just perfect for Fallon fans, it's also good for the 1,000 babies in need who will receive a limited-edition WubbaNub donated by Fallon and WubbaNub to the non-profit organization Baby2Baby. Baby2Baby provides children ages 0-12 years living in poverty basic necessities like diapers and clothing, and has recently distributed over 25 million essentials to families impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Now, 1,000 deserving babies will get to snuggle up with either a soft pal thanks to the partnership and donation.

You probably already have Fallon's hilarious reads on your child's bookshelf, so why not help bring the MAMA Penguin and DADA Moo Cow to life for them with these pacifying plushies? Both limited-edition WubbaNubs retail for $19.95 and are available to order online at and Amazon.