Jinger Duggar's Photo Of Baby Felicity's First Sunday At Church Is Too Real

The first year of life is filled with so many milestones, big and small — baby's first night at home, the umbilical cord falling off, that first smile, rolling over, that first long car trip. In the age of social media, parents often enjoy documenting and sharing these big moments with friends and family. But let's get real: These milestone photos are often incredibly posed, and only the best shots tend are deemed "Instagram worthy." However, Jinger Duggar's photo of baby Felicity's first Sunday at church is an honest look at life with a newborn.

On Monday, Jinger took to Instagram to share a sweet shot of her little family of three before heading off to church this past Sunday, OK! magazine reported. The special occasion? It was Felicity's first time attending a church service. Which is a pretty big deal, considering Jermy Vuolo is the pastor at Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas. (Not to mention, the Duggars' extremely conservative, Christian upbringing.) The sweet shot features Jinger and Jeremy posing while smiling and dressed in their Sunday best. The new mom is cradling their 1-month-old baby girl — who is clearly not impressed with this whole church business. Although her parents are grinning cheerfully to mark the occasion, Felicity seems to be fussing. (Because babies.) Jinger captioned the all-too-real shot with, "Felicity’s First Sunday at @gcc_laredo! ⛪ 📖 #felicitynicolevuolo#sundaysarethebest#gracecommunitychurchlaredo."

Many of Jinger's followers quickly chimed in with encouraging messages for the new parents. One person commented, "Your little family is too sweet ☺️ motherhood looks good on you 💗."

Another Instagram user wrote, "That first Sunday back with your precious new baby is always so special!!! I’ll never forget those Sundays with each of mine! :)"

Others (like myself) appreciated the fact that Jinger shared the photo despite the fact that Felicity wasn't exactly "camera ready." One follower wrote, "Well, someone looks a little fussy :) but still super cute!!"

Another follower chimed in with, "Awwww!!!! Looks like she’s already ‘singing hymns’ to get ready for the service!!! Lol. Jinger, you look wonderful!!!!!!!!"

Another person simply pointed out, "She looks thrilled 😂."

But of course, there were those select few who ruined the moment for everyone. Apparently, some followers were worried that Jinger and Jeremy would dare take their baby girl out in public "so soon" — while others wondered why they didn't take Felicity to church sooner. (You just can't win as parents, can you?) One critical follower wrote, "They say to keep babies at home the first 6 weeks of life. She is a month old. There are so many germs out in the public."

Meanwhile, another follower commented, "Such a beautiful family. I am surprised that she didn't go to church sooner."

A few followers wondered why Felicity seems to be wearing mittens in every photo that Jinger posts. "Is there something wrong with the baby’s hands?" one person commented.

Another Instagram user pointed out, "It amazes me that people are still asking why her hands are covered! Most newborns wear hand covers to keep them from scratching their eyes and face." From experience, those razor-sharp baby finger nails are no joke, folks.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo welcomed their first child on July 19 — a baby girl they named Felicity, Us Weekly reported. Since becoming parents, the couple has shared fairly regular updates with their Instagram followers. Although there have been plenty of purely adorable shots of their baby girl, Jinger and Jeremy have both gotten real about the trials of caring for a newborn. Just a few days after Felicity was born, for example, the new dad took to Instagram to share a pair of witty posts saying goodbye to sleep and hello to coffee, People reported.

LOL. It's so true!

Here's to hoping Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo continue to share their real adventures as new parents via Instagram, despite the criticism their innocent photos of baby Felicity seem to attract. From the looks of it, the Vuolos are doing spectacular so far. So ignore the trolls, and keep the precious moments — imperfections and all — coming, guys.