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Why Kate Middleton & Prince William Reportedly "Broke" This Royal Tradition After Their Wedding

Ever since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry this past May, people have been closely watching to see if she breaks any of the (oftentimes strict) royal traditions and protocol. But, it sounds like she isn't the only one to bend the rules from time to time. As it turns out, about eight years ago, Kate Middleton and Prince William reportedly "broke" a royal tradition on their wedding night, proving that Markle and Prince Harry aren't the only one who do things their way.

When Middleton and Prince William got married eight years ago on April 29, 2011, according to Brides, things were a little different then. This was a time long before Prince Harry was ready to settle down, and Middleton and Prince William's future as a family of three probably wasn't even on their minds. Back then, there were more important things to focus on — like Middleton and Prince William's stunning wedding day, which took place on a weekday, according to the Sun. And because people were focused on Middleton's gorgeous wedding dress and how dapper Prince William looked in his Irish Guards uniform, they might not have known that Prince William and Middleton reportedly broke royal tradition after tying the knot, according to ELLE.

How'd they do it? Prince William and Middleton reportedly broke free from tradition by reportedly spending their first night as husband and wife in Buckingham Palace, according to ELLE, rather than in the location of their honeymoon.

Out of all of the royal traditions to break, this one sounds like a pretty minor tradition, especially because it doesn't really affect anyone (and even those in the royal family), except the couple themselves.

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In the past, royal brides have gone straight to their honeymoons, according to Express, but Prince William and Middleton's reported choice to stay at Buckingham Palace rather than head to their honeymoon apparently "surprised" guests, according to Express.

There was a reason why they chose to do this. Prince William and Middleton's honeymoon was delayed, according to the New York Post. At the time, palace officials told the New York Post that the couple had opted to stay in England the weekend after their wedding because Prince William had to return to "military duty as a Royal Air Force helicopter pilot in Wales" once the weekend was over. This means that they reportedly spent their wedding night at Buckingham Palace rather than in their honeymoon destination because Prince William had to return to work the next week. This is a completely normal and relatable reason for not going on their wedding night, one that everyone would seem to understand.

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But by reportedly "breaking" this tradition, Prince William and Middleton paved the way for Prince Harry and Markle. On their wedding night this past May, Markle and Prince Harry reportedly spent their first night as husband and wife at Windsor Castle, according to The Sun. This was because Prince Harry and Markle also had to delay their honeymoon, due to the fact that they had to make official royal engagements the week after their wedding, according to The Telegraph.

Since their wedding night seven years ago, Prince William and Middleton have reportedly continued to break one rule, according to Business Insider, even though they're keen on following royal protocol. How do they continue to break one rule? By bringing their firstborn son (and future heir to the throne) Prince George with them when they travel, according to Business Insider. This is reportedly frowned upon because the rule is put in place to stop too many heirs of the throne from traveling together in case of an accident, according to Hello! Magazine.

In the grand scheme of things now, it seems like Prince William and Middleton got a pass for this reported break in tradition on their wedding night.