Khloé Kardashian Reveals Baby True's First Word & Spoiler Alert: It's Not "Mama"

It is the sad plight of most mothers I know; you give birth, you spend countless sleepless hours raising that baby. Making sure she's fed and warm and loved and protected. Then she gets a little bigger, she can sit up and smile and laugh. She says her first word and you think, Here it is, the big pay off. She's going to say mommy (or some version of mommy.) Nope. That first word is almost never about you, and it's a pain even celebrity moms understand. Most recently, Khloé Kardashian revealed baby True's first word, and spoiler alert: it's not "mama."

The Good American designer posted a sweet update about her 7-month-old daughter on her app on Wednesday, according to Us Weekly, sharing new little details about baby True's development. Apparently her little one is growing some teeth and is on the move... and is also super tough to make laugh, as Khloé shared on her website.

“I can’t believe my baby is seven months old! True now has three teeth and she’s going to crawl any second. She also smiles constantly, but I still can’t get that little munchkin to laugh unless I tickle her. Maybe I’m just not funny, LOL.”

True, who Khloé shares with boyfriend, Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson, also said her first word recently.

As Khloé shared on her website, as Us Weekly reported, True's first word is all about her dad:

She also says "dada," but I think she means "mama."

Does this not sound achingly familiar to moms out there? You do all that work and then the baby hits you up with "dada" for their first word? Typical. I had four sons and not one of them said "mama" first, it was all either "dada" or "no," which should have given me a heads up about the future.

In Khloé's case, I suspect True might have been saying "dada" because the family just spent a quiet Thanksgiving together at her dad's home in Cleveland. And I'm not going to dip too deeply into these waters... but you have to know Tristan is probably pretty pumped that his daughter said "dada" with everything else going on, right?

It is a little surprising that True didn't say "mama" first, especially since Khloé has been planting the "mama" seed since the baby was born. She calls True "mama" all the time, and she still got stuck with "dada" for the first word.

Although apparently that's the way things normally go. There has also been research to suggest that babies are so fused with their mothers that they don't really see them as separate from themselves, and their fathers are the first person they connect outside that heavy bond, according to Motherly. So don't fret, moms.

I'm sure the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star isn't too broken up about her little girl saying "dada" for the first time. As a well-seasoned aunt, she's probably well aware that more words are coming down the pike... and once True starts saying "mama" she should probably get ready to hear that every five seconds for many years to come.

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